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Top 10 Business Leaders Under 40

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on October 12, 2014


What does it take to disrupt, to lead, to innovate? For Jan Koum it was coming up with a texting app so popular that Facebook had to have it—for $19 billion. For Elizabeth Holmes it was a childhood fear of getting her blood drawn. For Andriy Kobolyev, CEO of Ukrainian gas giant Naftogaz, it’s the fine art of persuading Gazprom to keep the gas flowing—while getting his countrymen to stop sleeping with their windows open.

Welcome to our 2014 40 under 40, our list of the most powerful, influential, important people in business under 40. You’ll see plenty of household names here—Mark Zuckerberg, Brian Chesky, Marissa Mayer—but you’ll also see plenty of new faces. (One thing you won’t see are many repeats. With very few exceptions, once someone’s been on once, we consider them “in the club” and move them off to make room for fresh discoveries.) What we look for: power, influence, leverage, scale, and ideas that disrupt.

Many names on the list are of course in the tech sector, but they’re also in finance, fashion, film, real estate, and even eggless mayonnaise. This year there are a surprising number of legacies, perhaps reflecting how hard it is to get ahead in today’s economy without the right connections (though for a true rags-to-riches tale, look no further than Koum). One thing they have in common: They don’t like limits, and they don’t like being told no.

1. Travis Kalanick & Brian Chesky


Age 38, 33
Title Co-founder and CEO
Company Uber / Airbnb

They’re revolutionizing two very different industries, but this year was the year that Kalanick and Chesky became the figureheads for the ongoing clash between the great potential of the Internet economy and the rules and regulations of the old economy. In the Internet economy, the web can connect hundreds of millions of us to powerful platforms and networks where we can help ourselves to extra inventory, whether it’s a spare bedroom in someone’s house or a driver-for-hire idling in between jobs.

In the real world economy, that ability can collide with entrenched interest groups and decades-old re Read the rest of this entry »

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16 Years ‘Human Barbie’ from Ukraine – Claims no surgery (Video)

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on October 10, 2014

  • At 5ft 4in, she has a 20-inch waist and 32F bra size
  • Claims extreme ‘Barbie’ proportions are not through surgery or Photoshop
  • Has a huge following online where she shares hundreds of pictures
  • Despite her age, her mother approves, even taking most of the shots
  • Lolita wants to become a psychologist after she finishes school


Lolita Richi, the youngest ‘Human Barbie’ yet to emerge, who claims to be the most doll-like beauty yet. 

Lolita, 16, from Kiev, Ukraine, boasts the same improbable body proportions and blank facial features as a Barbie. She has a tiny 20-inch waist, a 32F bra size and wears contact lenses that give her a wide-eyed, doll-like stare.

Lolita maintains that her striking looks were achieved without plastic surgery, dieting or Photoshop.

At the age of just 16, Lolita claims to be the most doll-like beauty yet - and it's all natural (apart from the coloured contact lenses)

At the age of just 16, Lolita claims to be the most doll-like beauty yet – and it’s all natural (apart from the coloured contact lenses)

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Breaking News: Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi Are Awarded Nobel Peace Prize 2014

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on October 10, 2014


The Norwegian Nobel Committee on Friday awarded the 2014 peace prize to a 17 years Yousafzai of Pakistan and Kailash Satyarthi of India for their work in helping to promote universal schooling and protecting children worldwide from abuse and exploitation.

There were a record 278 nominations this year, 19 more than ever before – including US whistleblowers Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning, Russian president Vladimir Putin, and Pope Francis. Also on the list of nominees was an anti-war clause in the Japanese constitution and the International Space Station Partnership. Read the rest of this entry »

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Challenging Questions to World Leaders by Children (Videos)

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on September 21, 2014

After watching the thousands of videos from 87 countries The Climate Reality Project received for its Why? Why Not? campaign, it has picked seven winners who will put their questions on climate change to the U.N. Climate Summit taking place next week in New York City. See their videos now:


These young people come from six continents and every background imaginable — but they share a commitment to protecting our planet from climate change. By asking their questions at the U.N. Climate Summit, these generational voices will challenge world leaders to take bold steps as they begin the process of crafting a new global agreement on climate action, leading up to next year’s critical conference in Paris. Read the rest of this entry »

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Second Arrest In Two Days For Trying To Enter The White House Unlawfully

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on September 21, 2014


WASHINGTON (AP) — The Secret Service chief has stepped-up security outside the White House after a man with a knife who jumped the fence made it into the presidential residence before being apprehended, officials said Saturday.

President Barack Obama insisted he still has confidence in the beleaguered agency’s ability to protect him and his family.

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson ordered enhanced officer patrols and surveillance along the North Fence of the compound just after the incident on Friday evening, which triggered a rare evacuation of the White House as well as renewed scrutiny of the Secret Service. The agency said Pierson had also ordered a comprehensive review of what happened.

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Can Obama wage war without consent of Congress?

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on September 13, 2014

barack-obamaWASHINGTON (AP) — On the cusp of intensified airstrikes in Iraq and Syria, President Barack Obama is using the legal grounding of the congressional authorizations President George W. Bush relied on more than a decade ago to go to war. But Obama has made no effort to ask Congress to explicitly authorize his own conflict.

The White House said again Friday that Bush-era congressional authorizations for the war on al-Qaida and the Iraq invasion give Obama authority to act without new approval by Congress under the 1973 War Powers Act. That law, passed during the Vietnam War, serves as a constitutional check on presidential power to declare war without congressional consent. It requires presidents to notify Congress within 48 hours of military action and limits the use of military forces to no more than 60 days unless Congress authorizes force or declares war. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pakistan nabs militants linked to attack on Malala

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on September 13, 2014

malala-yousafzaiISLAMABAD (AP) — Pakistan’s army said Friday that it has arrested 10 militants suspected of involvement in the 2012 attack on teenage activist Malala Yousafzai, who won world acclaim after she was shot in the head by the Taliban for advocating gender equality and education for women.

Army spokesman Gen. Asim Saleem Bajwa said the detained men attacked Yousafzai, then 15, on orders from Mullah Fazlullah, the head of the Pakistani Taliban. The army is currently waging a major offensive against the extremist group in North Waziristan, a tribal region along the border with Afghanistan that has long been a militant stronghold. Read the rest of this entry »

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National Award Winner ‘Makdee’ Star Shweta Basu Prasad Arrested in Prostitution Racket (Video)

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on September 5, 2014

By Prarthna Sarkar

imagesIn a strange turn of events, “Makdee” star Shweta Basu Prasad was caught in a prostitution racket in Hyderabad.

The actress, who played the role of Shreyas Talpade’s younger sister in “Iqbal” was arrested from a luxury hotel at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad, according to the Indian Express.

The 23-year-old was apparently caught in a compromising position at the time of raid and was accompanied by a pimp. The police have also arrested a few well-known businessmen from the hotel.

Citing wrong career choices and financial constraints as reasons, Prasad said every actress apparently goes through such a phase. “I have made wrong choices in my career, and I was out of money. I had to support my family and some other good causes. All the doors were closed, and some people encouraged me to get into prostitution to earn money,” India Today quoted her. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sofia Vergara TV’s Highest Earner – About 50 Millions a Year (Video)

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on September 5, 2014

Sofía Margarita Vergara Vergara is a Colombian actress, comedian, television hostess,sofia vergara and model. Vergara was widely known for co-hosting two television shows for Spanish-language television network Univisión in the late 1990s. She has become the highest paid person on TV after taking home $39.6 million last year, $11 million clear of cashed-up TV actor, Ashton Kutcher.

The Modern Family star pocketed the impressive sum between June 2013 and June 2014, give the actress top spot on Forbes list for the third consecutive year.

Her big payday was largely due to her extensive endorsement deals and business interests outside of her $348,000-an-episode day job.

Her first notable acting job in English was in the 2003 film Chasing Papi. Subsequently, she appeared in other films, including Four Brothers (2005) and two Tyler Perry films – Meet the Browns (2008) and Madea Goes to Jail (2009), receiving an ALMA Award nomination for the latter. Vergara’s success on television has earned her roles in recent films The Smurfs (2011), New Year’s Eve(2011), Happy Feet Two (2011), The Three Stooges (2012), Escape From Planet Earth (2013), and Machete Kills (2013). In 2012 and 2013, she was the top-earning actress on US television. Read the rest of this entry »

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Good for bad or bad for good?: ‘Boob Aid': Japanese Porn Stars ‘Excited’ For 24HR Breasts Squeezing Charity (Video)

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on August 29, 2014

  • Nine Japanese porn stars will have their breasts felt by fans for charity 
  • The 24-hour Tokyo event, dubbed ‘Boob Aid’, will raise funds to beat aids
  • The fans pay to feel the naked breasts of the adult movie stars  
  • It is the 12th event since the charity event began back in 2003


Nine Japanese porn stars will have their breasts broadcast live on television – while inviting random fans across Tokyo to participate in the ‘hands on’ experience.

Loosely transcribed as ‘Boob Aid’, the well-known adult movie stars will bare their breasts for charity while the public line-up over a 24 hour period on Saturday.

The adult actresses told local media on Monday they could barely contain their excitement about the ‘Stop! AIDS’ campaign event — which will be televised live — but asked, perhaps somewhat optimistically for the fans to be ‘delicate’.

Across 24 hours fans will line up to meet their favourite porn stars...

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Guinness World Record: World’s Largest Human National Flag “Nepal” (Videos)

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on August 23, 2014


Today 35,907 participants gathered in Kathmandu TUNDIKHEL to form  the World’s Largest Human National Flag “Nepal” for the Guinness World Records by breaking the earlier record. This attempt was to create a new record by bringing together more than 35,000 participants to form “The Largest Human National Flag” of Nepal. Every participant did hold a unique card and display it over head which collectively form the national flag of Nepal, seen best through an aerial view.

The flag size was more than 1,10,000 square feet.

The largest human national flag consists of 28,957 participants and was achieved by Punjab Youth Festival 2014, organized by Sports Board Punjab at the National Hockey Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan on 15 February 2014. Read the rest of this entry »

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Playboy’s First Indian Model Ever – Sherlyn Chopra

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on August 20, 2014

Does not suit to the Eastern world, but happening because of open and modernised world

Sherlyn Chopra, PlayboyPlayboy

The brunette beauty is the first-ever Indian model to pose for the pages of Playboy and the magazine is just now releasing images from the sultry shoot.

The Bollywood actress was understandably thrilled to be given the opportunity to be featured in the iconic publication, and gushed about being a part of the magazine’s history.

“The experience of having shot for Playboy has been one of the most liberating ones that I’ve had so far,” she said in a statement.

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Sherlyn Chopra, PlayboyPlayboy

“I’m glad that Playboy has decided to release my pictorial [upon] the Independence Day of India. The timing could not have been more perfect.”

The 30-year-old revealed that she had taken photos for the magazine back in 2012, and shared pics of herself with Hugh Hefner on her social media accounts.

However, it isn’t until now that the public can finally see exactly what went down (or came off!) in the photo shoot.

Sherlyn Chopra, Playboy


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Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on August 19, 2014

SamSometimes to be beautiful and popular also can create problem. Sunrise co-host Sam (Samantha) Armytage’s mobile number accidentally went to air this morning on LIVE TV.


During a segment featuring Samsung’s new smartwatch, the number was quickly flashed on screen.

In a matter of seconds, Sam’s phone was inundated with calls and texts from viewers who had managed to catch her digits.

At last count she had over 1500 messages and 15 marriage proposals. Read the rest of this entry »

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Nepali Professor Among Top 100 Youth Talents in China Province

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on August 11, 2014

Purna Basnet: 

With his success, the medical university has also announced to set up a new department in the university, promote him as the department chief and provide him around 16 million rupees annually as ´research grant´ for his future endeavors.



Rajiv Kumar JhaRajiv Kumar Jha, a Nepali professor at Xi´an Medical University, has become first Nepali to be selected as one of the ´Top 100 Youth Talents´ in China.

The provincial government of Shaanxi, a Chinese province located in Northern region of the country, selected the 35-year-old Jha as one of 100 youth talents in the seventh ´One-Hundred-Talent-Plan´ under youth 100 talent recruitment program of the government.

Top 100 Youth Talents is the most prestigious award in China given to youths. Read the rest of this entry »

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Does this suit to Eastern culture?: Ankita Shorey scandal (Video)

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on August 9, 2014

The 26-year-old former beauty queen Ankita Shorey who was crowned Femina Miss India International 2011 went almost topless.  Find the difference: 

Number 1 Number 21

Does this suit to the Eastern culture?

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