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India Misinforming about Buddha: Ram Dev

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on March 30, 2010

The Hindu Yoga Guru Swami Ram Dev speaking at a programme in Kathmandu told reporters, “Sita and the Buddha are pride of Nepal. India is worthlessly dragging the Buddha to controversy which is wrong”.

Talking to media persons, Swami Ram Dev said, “There is no doubt that Buddha was born Nepal. Now he is a universal character.” Opposing the rumour about Buddha’s birth place being India, he said, “Any enlightened person is a dignity and pride of a nation,” adding, “I will campaign for Nepal if anyone says that Buddha was born in India,” he added.

The Swami said that India is a true friend of Nepal as both countries are linked by similar culture, spiritualism and social structure. “Nepal and India are equal brothers and both are independent and sovereign countries. The cultural relationship between the two countries is similar to the present age of democracy since the period of Lord Rama in India.”

The Swami who is conducting Yoga classes in Kathmandu and some other parts of the country decried Indian propaganda about the Buddha and its acts of distorting historical and archaeological facts about the Buddha.

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