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3-year-old Nepali singer vies for world record

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on July 19, 2010


Challenging Romanian youngest singer Cleopatra Stratan’s world record, Nepali youngest singer Atithi Gautam K.C. has given a performance at a live concert here in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu on Sunday.

The three-year-old kid sang three songs, including Nepali national anthem. She was accompanied by her elder sister Ushna K.C. in harmonium and her father Uddhab K.C. who is a Nepali folk singer, sitting next to her during the concert.

“No records have been found yet in Guinness Book of World Records of a child singer at this early age, so we work on to process to record Atithi and her first album in the world record, ” Atithi’s farther told Xinhua on Sunday.

“Atithi started singing at the age of two. She got a habit of imitating her sister,” he added. According to him, Atithi is good at singing classical songs which is even tough for primary graduates of classical.

Audience at the concert got astonished seeing three-year-old kid performing at live concert. The kid has good memory to track on lyrics and can sing.

On the occasion, the girl also released a solo album Atithi, comprising nine songs including Nepali National Anthem. The album was released by Nepal’s renowned musician Ambar Gurung. The album tends to target children, said Orbit Publishers, official publisher of the album.

She has performed live on state owned Nepal Television and radio stations in Nepal and for many concert venues. The vice president and the prime minister of Nepal are few among many other national and international dignitaries who consider her a musical prodigy in such events, according to Orbit Publishers.

“Born on Oct. 16, 2006, Atithi is very stubborn at home, she does whatever she decides,” father Uddhab said. He also said that she has joined Montessori school in Kathmandu Valley.

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