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Chicago Synagogues Alerted After Reports Of Bombs on Cargo Planes

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on October 29, 2010

Two Packages From Yemen To Chicago Were Stopped

An intelligence report that al Qaeda in Yemen may have shipped an explosive device to Chicago led to an international search of cargo planes carrying packages to the United States from Yemen today.

A spokeswoman for the Jewish Federation of Chicago told ABC News the federation was alerted this morning and passed on the alert, advising local synagogues to take security precautions.

As of noon, American law enforcement officials said no explosive devices had been found after cargo planes were searched at airports in Newark and Philadelphia.

The initial report came late Thursday night and involved two separate packages shipped from Sanaa, Yemen to Chicago, according to law enforcement officials. One of the packages was shipped by FedEx, the other by UPS.

Officials said both packages were stopped midway on their trip to Chicago, one at the East Midlands cargo air field outside London and the other at the airport in Dubai.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said that as a result of the discovery of the packages, “additional measures were taken regarding . . . flights at Newark Liberty and Philadelphia International Airports.”

US officials told ABC News that one package contained cell phones and what might be “detonators and timers.” Officials said the second package contained a printer whose toner cartridge appeared to have been tampered with and contained a white powder.

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