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Anju Panta – Playback queen of Nepali silver screen

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on November 6, 2010


KATHMANDU, Nov 6: It’s been just a month since she is back from performing in 19 states of the US and she is already busy recording. With a handful of projects at hand, Anju Panta is certainly one of the busiest singers today. In less than four years, she has already earned what many don’t even get to taste in this field even after working for a decade.

Anju Panta, 31, who became a star overnight after the releases of her songs Dil Yo Mero Dil and Na Birse Timilai had never dreamt of being someone this big.

Busy like bee

“All that ever mattered to me was singing. I never cared if I would become a celebrity one day. Even today, when people call me a celebrity singer, I don’t feel that good. I’m just a human,” Panta, who was busy recording a song for an upcoming film, shared in a studio in Babar Mahal.

After the phenomenal feedback from her song Na Birse Timilai, which broke all box-office records in recent times, Anju Panta has been recording at least three songs everyday. In a music industry like that of Nepal, where playback singers aren’t paid more than Rs 2,000 for a song, Anju is one of today’s highest paid playback singer who takes Rs 10,000 for a song.

Most importantly, she is one of those very few singers in Nepal who has already recorded her voice in more than 3,000 numbers – mostly for Nepali films and for collection albums.

“Music is like philosophy; it’s like meditating. There’s no boundary and limitations to it. I’ll never be tired of singing,” she said.

On the ongoing trends

While most singers often complain that the music industry in Nepal is not that promising, Anju Panta says that the industry provides sufficiently to those who are truly determined.

She added, “If you truly want to get into music, there are many doors of opportunities open to you. I make some 30,000 Rupees a day. I guess that answers a lot.”

She however stresses that it’s not an easy job to establish oneself as a promising singer in the industry. It took eleven years for Panta to prove that she could sing.

With pop and modern music not doing much in the recent times, Panta says that the popularity of playback singing is rising by the day.

“Of late, soundtracks are really popular and there are many concerts being held where playback singers are getting opportunities to sing before audiences. This never happened before,” she unveiled.

Technology as both blessing and curse

Anju Panta is one of those singers whose songs have always been the favorites among the Caller Ring Back Tones (CRBT). Panta, who just earned Rs 3,000 from the recording of Na Birse Timilai, has no idea how much she is to receive from the CRBT collection of her aforementioned song. She will definitely make more than 50,000 Rupees if someday she goes to collect her royalty.

Unlike other playback singers who enjoin that the development in technology has pulled down the market of the music industry following piracy problems, Panta believes that advancement in technology has brought together both blessing and curse.

“Yes, piracy is a big problem all artistes are facing today. But there’s no immediate solution to this as Internet is such a big thing now. All of us love having our songs updated online. And once it’s uploaded on the Net, you just can’t protect the copyrights,” Panta added.

A little more personal

Often, when both wife and husband are in the same profession and if one is doing better than the other, there arise many problems, mostly to do with personal egos. And especially in society like that of Nepal, it’s even more difficult for a wife to become more successful than her husband, and that is what people widely believe in. But Anju Panta proudly shares that her husband is her backbone and they are never jealous of each other.

“Because Manoj himself is a singer, he understands me and my priorities the most. If he weren’t there, I wouldn’t have been what I proudly stand today as,” she romantically shared.

On the rumors that Anju was beaten brutally five months ago by her husband because he was envious of her rise in her musical career, Panta clarified, “Nothing as such happened as was reported by some stupid tabloid. I don’t understand what pleasure one finds in fabricating stories and intruding into somebody’s personal life. Minor disputes are normal in all married relationships, and this was a case in mine, too. I think people should just mind their own business.”

Panta is also a great wife and mother of a nine-years-old daughter. While at home, she takes care of her child and her parents-in law.

Said she, “I don’t agree with what makes people think that celebrities don’t have their personal lives. I’m also a human being like any. I love being with my family. I do everything that a normal woman would do for her family.”

Recent works

Anju always had a dream of releasing a duet album with her husband, Manoj Raj Shiwakoti. Her dream came true last month when their dream album “Koshe Dhunga” was released in New York. An ensemble of eight tracks altogether, Koshe Dhunga has its music set by Manoj himself, the songs are written by Roshan Palpali, and the scores are arranged by Pawan Wang.

Now the mellifluous singer is eyeing to record her solo album soon. Meanwhile, she will be performing at various concerts in Dubai this weekend.



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