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Dr. Ken’s Treatment of Energy Healing (Video)

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on December 10, 2010

A Boon to the Humanity

I always remember my residence at Katahara, Gamagori, Aichiken, where two Nepalese journalist came as my guest. Basically they were invited in bioethics conference at Tsukuba University but on the way they have visited an Energy Healer in Tokyo. The healer is Dr. Ken or Kenichi Kumakiri and one Nepalese social activist and visiting lecturer Kalendra Shahi and his wife Niharika Shahi guided them to visit Dr. Ken.

Senior journalist Prem Kaidi and S.S. Kandel at the very period wrote articles about the latest technique and revolutionary methods of Energy Healing by Dr. Ken. The articles where published in the very popular daily newspaperKantipur (Kathmandu) and online paper Nepali (New York). I read those articles about the Unique Inventions of Dr. Ken and his long dedication to research on Energy and Treatment. Also the papers printed photographs of Dr. Ken with the then Prime Minister of Nepal Lokendra Bahadur Chand. Dr. Ken healed more than fourty five hundred people at Lumbini and the PM Mr. Chand got treatment from him and other dignitaries of Nepal also. Dr. Ken completely cured the rheumatic arthritis and heart problem of journalist Kaidi. Mr. Kaidi told me his blood pressure problem was so abnormal but after the energy healing by Dr. Ken within seven days his blood pressure turned completely normal.

Dr. Ken is a very simple person who is always smiling and loves the person who visits him for treatment. He speaks only few words, he does not like to talk in Japanese with gaijins (foreigners) like me. Due to reading so many articles and sharing the information about him, I was very much found of him.

Dr. Ken is living at Hinocity of Tokyo municipality and his clinic was at near by Tamacity where always a queue of patients I have seen. Dr. Ken always keeping silent but working very hard and most of the patients said he is very laborious. Dr. Ken always likes to be involved in research work and also like to visit places far from Japan. So it is very difficult for him to run his clinic and do his researches work at the same time. So I think he is compelled to close his clinic.

First time when I met Dr. Ken he was in a hurry to attend a programme in Europe. So he just provides me his first book Treatment of Five Dimensions / Macro – Cosmos & Micro Cosmos. This book is in Japanese and as a student of Japanese language I tried to read the book but it is not easy for me to understand. So I request to Dr. Ken to translate it but it takes a very long time. So I learn energy healing just by practice. Dr. Ken also always taught me to read Nepalese mythology that is basically Hindu and partly Buddhists literatures. Hindu, Buddhist, other Asian religious literatures and the sculptures, Dr. Ken provides vast knowledge of energy and health science.

Basic Dynamics of Energy Healing

Human body is a matter and the matter moves by energy. If the energy movement is proper there is no obstruction.

What is human body? What is movement? What are mind and body? What is disease? What is treatment? The answers to all this comes from nature and universe. Dr. Ken wrote in his book Dynamics of Human Energy the human body is made of the five elements that is fire, earth, water, sky and air. The two big energy are heaven andearth the first coming and second going energy and in continuous flow. A person lives between these energies and when both come and go uniformly, there is no disease. The person is healthy, nevertheless when an energy flow against the natural flow pattern, disease sets in. For instance when it is cold outside and the mind is also cold, there is no problem as the energy is positive. Yet when it is cold outside, but the mind is hot, the person gets the bad energy and becomes unhealthy.

Dr. Ken further clarified and questioned how to unite the body and the mind to the energy of the universe. Concentration means total focusing with body and mind. In Yoga the concentration is on the body and in meditation it is on the mind. While in acupuncture the attention is on the accupoints and not on the mind or posture. In energy treatment the concentration is on the body and the mind. Also, in energy treatment both the doctor and the patient concentrate at on point body and mind. I think the disease is in the mind, so the attempt is to coordinate with mind.

Dr. Ken does not agree with the word disease and the patient. He says there is obstruction or unbalanced of energy. If energy is ok there is no obstruction. To cure a person we must remove the root cause of the obstruction which lies basically in the energy centre such as our mind. If a person has a pain in his stomach or foot, his treatment in the place of pain is a local treatment, which is not a proper treatment. Only the treatment of mind can root out the problem by balancing the energy of the human body.

Ancient Method of Treatment

Dr Ken after a long study of Nepalese, Chinese, Indian, Japanese and other ancient literatures, he established the theory of Energy Healing. The Ardhanareshwor theory of Hindus, the Mandala of Hindu Buddhist tradition, Taos book of old Chinese treatment and other oldest system which defined the energy, Pran Bayu, Atma (Soul), all systems is the base line of energy healing treatment.

Dr. Ken simply defined the Yin and Yang side of the energy. In his view, in ancient times the Yin and Yang idea was that two sides unite every matter. For example, the day and night time, electricity has two plus positive and negative and the earth has two poles, north and south. In Hinduism we believe that the body is made up of equal halves of man and woman. Likewise in the body there must be a meeting of the mental and physical when these two unite, the person is healthy. For example, while doing work, if mind is not in it, good results may not come or when one begins eating and the mind does not like it, stomach does not move properly or, when we compel a child to study but if he does not want to the book merely lies in front of the body.

Experiment and Experience

In the winter due to the North Sea waves the mainland Japan also becomes too cold and in Aichicken in the winter due to uric acid I had a problem of gout. Always there is a swollen in the joints of bone of my both toe and I became unable to move. I took the advice of Dr. Ken for the touch therapy. There is a small rod which is produced by Dr. Ken himself which costs nearly four thousand Yen. I got touch therapy with the help of a friend and without any medicine I was cured within 3/4 days. So from that very movement I felt the treatment system of energy healing by Dr. Ken is a magical system for human body. So I have limited my other activities and totally concentrate on this system. Now I have a clinic at Jwagal (Kupondol) nearby Kathmandu. And I am so obliged to Dr. Ken that the great person himself with his own expenses came to my clinic and provided his services for more than one week in Nepal. A person with mental problems came from U.S. He was suffering from 7/8 years but Dr. Ken gives him mind therapy and he was cured within two days.

By energy healing sometimes I have an experience that all the serious so called incurable diseases can be easily cured. A lady with a crack on her spine and all allopathic bone specialists told her without operations she can not be cured but the chances of paralysis may be 95% but without any operation or pain by energy healing, she became perfect and within 26 days, she was able to drive her bike.

So called incurable diseases like cancer, diabetes, ulcer, rheumatic arthritis, paralysis, heart and other rejected cases from the big hospitals are solved by our treatment. For us Dr. Ken is like a divine angle and his method can cure and give a new life to all frustrated human beings. So, our councilor and senior journalist Prem Kaidi is always demanding that the noble prize must be given to this Messiah of the revolutionary treatment system. If anybody with any health problem can contact me or any healer of my clinic by telephone, cell phone or by email, we most welcome. Our counseling is totally free of cost and our treatment is also very cheap. My Gurudev Yogi Narahari Nath who taught me and my other colleagues the herbal Tantra Mantra and stone treatment supposed to be the great incarnation of the great saint Shree Gorakhnath jee, always suggest that like air and water the treatment must be free and without costs, then the person with the capacity to cure other human beings becomes the divine soul. I think I am not a divine soul but it is my humble request to all doctors and health workers to become the divine soul.

Kenichi Kumakiri Energy Healing Centre

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Yogi Narahari and his Curing Capacity

– Dr. P.B. Shahi

Mr. A. Karki of Kupondol had a problem in the eyes. He has lost the power of closing the eyes. Once he was sitting with me on a public vehicle and in front of our sit three beautiful girls were seated.

Have you never sin a girl? One of the girls was too angry and cursing, Why are you staring at me? Mr. Karki was puzzled. But I could not understand actually what was happened? Later on Mr. Karki told me his problem in the eye’s and then only I understand that he was not looking or teasing the girl but it was the fault of his eyelid. Whole the night when sleeping he could not close his eyes. His wife and children felt very uneasy. He was suffering from that problem and he tried to so many eye specialists in the city but in vain. In those days I never had chance to cure an eye problem. I thought Energy Healing is not proper for the problem. So, I decided to use the Mantra given by the Great Guru Yogi Naraharinath.

Early in the morning I called Mr. Karki to come my place after a bath. To Chant a Mantra one must be clean, it was the order of the Guru. I chanted the Mantra in front of Mr. Karki and his eyelid after 2:30 minute become normal and he could easily close and open his eyelid. Any body can contact Mr. Karki on his phone no. 00977-1-5521654 at Kupandol, Lalitpur, Nepal. Later on I have used the Mantra so many times whenever I had an emergency case.

Yogi Naraharinath, the saintly person supposed to be an incarnation of Guru Gorakhnath was a chief protector of Gorakshya-Matshendranath Guthi of Pashupatinath Kathmandu and expires 8 years past. He was B.A. Honors in Sanskrit from Madras Sanskrit University and later he joined archeology at Bikramaditya University, Indore. After sometime around 1934, he became a freedom fighter in the Indian Independence movement and first time he was jailed with the great revolutionary Lal Bahadur Shastri, later PM of India. When India was declared free, Yogi and his friends were released from Karachi Jail. Till 1948 he was involved to fire the uncountable Hindu bodies carried by the train from Pakistan to the Indian boarder.

After the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, Yogi ji bathed in Haridwar and as an invitee by his own countries high authorities came to Nepal and till his last breath, he served Nepal in so many fields. He was a very top class orator and best writer. His knowledge in religion, language, linguistics, history, literature, culture and in so many fields was incomparable. He was a saint with so many divine powers. People thought that he possessed lots of spiritual powers like all the Navanath, 84 Sidhdas and all other divinity. In the field of Ayurveda he was supposed to be the incarnation of God Dhanwantari and Charak. He knew all the treatment system which lies in Tantra-Mantra-Herbs-Stones.

Once Mr. G.B. Khatri of Sanepa called him to cure his daughter suffering from mental problem, Yogi jee took me also. And at the time of treatment as a pure Bramachari, he could not touch or go near the lady. So, he taught the Mantra to me and ordered to chant from the nearest point of her. When I started chanting the Mantra the violent schizophrenia patient slowly became normal. All people in front of us were puzzled. I also asked Yogi jee about the diet. He just said to break eating of chilli. Now after the demise of 8 years past of the great person, I come to know from the Canadian Scientist Dr. Rishi Pravakar that the chilli creates allergy for human body. Dr. Pravakar researched near about 35 years on chilli and declared it must be thrown out of the kitchen of all the people of the world. Once Yogi jee took a person named Narendra Man Shrestha of Kathmandu to the near by jungle of Suryavinayak and they both collected more than one thousand herbs by name and by its function also. Yogi jee could define all the tree’s and plants in the jungles, in the same way he could define the stones and call the supernatural beings of the particular area and used them to work under his command. Once he was supposed to fly from Gorkha to Jumla when there was a political charge on him. Any patient whenever met him he just took some green leaves and said to eat and the incurable patient became fresh. I myself had a problem of pneumonia, always repeating and taking drugs like wymox. Once I requested him about my problem. According to his advice I took the steam of a leaves. And I again asked him how long I had to take the steam? He joked that it is not the so called dava (press) which needs always to press but its medicine, so take only once. Just once I took the steam and I became fresh. Now a day as the Guru jee and his system I bath with cold water and drink cold water. And if necessary I took the steam once a year.

Guru Shree Yogi jee taught me some herbals among them are number one is Laxman Sanjeevani. The other one which I have named after him as Narahari buti is so effective, which can cure all viral diseases including swine flu. All herbs by Yogi jee are free for all the human beings. He had a strict order not to take them as commercial purpose. He once said the air, water as well as the herbs and jungles must be free from any costs and every body has the right to get them freely.

He was always coming to my residence whenever return to Kathmandu from outside and tried to call me with him. But I neglected him because of my political ideology. I tried to maintain a distance with the great scholar. It was great mistake in my life. Due to the same birth place of both of us, he loved me a lot. But I learned only one Mantra from him. But that Mantra is a strong weapon for me. Whenever there is an emergency I am using it which gives me a very good result. There is a book edited by Yogi jee that is Himavat Khand from where I come to know the must powerful places of highest energy in Nepal. Due to my socialist and materialist political approach I could not realize the power of Yogi jee but now after becoming an Energy Healing counselor from Japan, I come to understand the unseen flow of power which was understand and used by Yogi jee. Thanks to my Japanese teacher Dr. Kenichi Kumakiri who guided me to understand the matter/energy relations and the body/life force (micro-cosmos) and the whole universe (macro-cosmos). Due to the scientific notions and explanations by Dr. Kumakiri, my materialist approaches also understand the power of energy. And after learning the energy movement I came to realize the extra territorial forces and supernatural powers existence. So, I realized oriental divine energy and like Yogi jee I come to know the other Himalayan masters. In the west also scientists like Emmanuel Swedenborg turned into a spiritual leader who was supposed a master of supernatural powers. Others like G.I. Gudjieff, P. D. Ouspensky and so many highly renowned personalities are praised by Osho or Rajanish as the new gate opener like the great Hindu Saint Patanjalee. Otherwise the west is very much familiar with the frustration through Sartre, Camus and other existentialists but they are unknown about the charmness of Patanjalee. Oriental philosophy is basically different from the materialist west and Yogi jee like other great Guru defined this approach. He was always working against global warming and purification of environment through the Samidha (pure woods) fire of Yagna (Yagya) and the cleaning of the sky by the Vedic Mantras. The mantras are so powerful and they can cure very complicated and emergency cases quickly. So, this time I wrote a note to Copenhagen to have a program to revive the Yagna system of Yogi Naraharinath in Nepal and also from religious world to the scientific world.

Kenichi Kumakiri Energy Healing Centre

Contact : Satish Kumar Patki                                       Jwagal Lalitpur-10  Nepal

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  1. Mohan KEIMRIKH said

    I am very impressed with the energy therapy (treatment). As well I am a Para-Science Researcher. Where there are as many types of energies produced & transformed. Dr. Ken Kumakiri’s energy treatment shows & uses various wonderful ways to which those are extremely incredible.

    At last if i need the book ” Dynamics of Human Energy”. Where can I find the book! If you have just mail your address it ‘d be absolutely great.

    Thank You!
    Mohan KEIMRIKH

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