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Indian govt confers Nepali youth with high decorations for bravery

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on January 12, 2011

The Indian government has conferred three high level national awards to a Nepali youth for saving a girl from being raped and retrieving valuables of hundreds of passengers from dacoits in a train four months ago.

Bishnu Prasad Shrestha, 35, will be decorated with the Saurya Padak from the Indian ambassador on the upcoming Republic Day of India. Likewise, he will also be awarded with Highest Life Saving Medal and the Godfrey Philips Bravery Medal for his heroic deed.

Earlier, the Indian Army (IA) awarded him a purse of IRs 50,000 and a silver Khukuri.

Shrestha, who hails from Parbat and resides in Pokhara at present, was returning home on Maurya Express on September 2, 2010 after he retired from 7/8 Gurkha Regiment of the Indian Army from Ranchi when the train stopped suddenly in the middle of a jungle in West Bengal.

About 40 professional dacoits entered the train with household weapons and started looting the passengers.

The dacoits came to Shrestha’s boogie, too, and robbed him off his valuables. After robbing the passengers, the dacoits tried to rape a girl in front of her parents in the same boogie.

In what appeared like a cinema thriller, Shrestha jumped into action when the girl pleaded for rescue. He took out his Khukuri and started attacking the dacoits, killing three on the spot and injuring several others. The dacoits ran away leaving behind the valuables they had stolen.

Shrestha’s deed got a lot of media coverage and accolades. The Indian Army requested him to serve in the army for five more years even after retirement. Keeping in view Shrestha’s security and to honour him Shrestha has been provided two security guards from Indian border to the barracks coming and returning from home.

16 Responses to “Indian govt confers Nepali youth with high decorations for bravery”

  1. durbasa neupane said

    it has proven 40 indian is equal to 1 nepali.

    • Balaram Thapa said

      No, no. 80 indians are equal to 1 nepali coz 40 indians were defeated and fled.

    • Rahul said

      It just proves that an India Army solider is equal to 40 robbers. But I would agree Gurkha’s are one of the bravest of the braves.
      He deserves all the praise and medals and more 🙂

  2. om gurung said


  3. krishna khattri said

    He proved that Gurkha soldier are the hero in the world Gurkha soldier can rule the world. Gurkha solder brings the peace in the war and light in the dark. He the real hero.

  4. Rupak said

    Well done! You are the real hero.

  5. Biru Amos Kaushal (Pariyar) said

    May the reputation of Nepali Soldiers always on the top of the World as Everest stands unshakeable.We are proud of you Bishnu Prasad Shrestha for your bravery act in saving people.

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  7. Mona Magar said

    Well done, I salute you for the bravery, you have done. Your deeds have proved much more about the braveness and honest, a Nepali person is, was and will be for ever in this world. I am really really excited and glad you did such a bravery action and managed to dump the 40 robbers.

  8. shekhar mardan Shaha said

    Well done, I salute u for the bravery. All Nepal proud of u. U r real Hero. God Pashu pati Nath allways saved you.

  9. BT said

    Where is the news for him getting the Chakra on 26th Jan?

  10. Nanda Bahadur Gurung (Corps of Signals) said

    Bishnu Thank you,

    You are real Hero of Gorkhas, We are proud of you. We can say still not lost our image like a 1st and 2nd World War. What you done, all Nepalese are appreciated. See you Pokhara.

    Nanda (Retired Corps of Signals) Lamjung

  11. Kheem Magar said

    Samman tyasko garau jo mirtuko agadi afno soviman dageko dekhna chahanna.well done Vishnu.i m proud of u.

  12. Kheem Magar said

    Gau Ghar n Shahar Bazar ma jad khayara dhak dekhaune harulai yo lajako marnu kura ho.

  13. rajan said

    Gurkha are the most warrior person in world we can prov it any time.he prov it

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