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Obama, Now the Warrior, Wants to Revive Immigration Reform

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on May 7, 2011

President Obama is reaping a windfall of political capital from the extermination of Osama bin Laden, and he plans to spend a chunk of it on immigration reform. During a Cinco de Mayo celebration with Mexican-Americans at the White House this week, Obama announced he’ll give a major immigration speech during a visit to the border city of El Paso, Texas, next Tuesday, May 10. “I strongly believe that we’ve got to fix [our] broken [immigration] system so that it meets the needs of our 21st-century economy and our security needs.”

But that last part – security – could be the biggest obstacle. Obama acknowledged that unlike last year’s healthcare reform, which passed without Republican votes, the immigration fix is “going to require bipartisan support” after the Democrats lost the House and much of their Senate majority in last November’s midterm elections. He shouldn’t count on too much cooperation across the aisle, however. Leading Republican lawmakers strongly object to the President’s proposal to put people who are in the U.S. illegally on a citizenship track. Conservatives decry that as rewarding lawbreakers – and since the raid on Bin Laden’s Pakistan compound this week has given Obama new warrior clout, the GOP may well decide immigration is a useful issue for chopping his security cachet down again before the 2012 election.

Obama, Now the Warrior, Wants to Revive Immigration Reform.

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