Nepal – the country of the Buddha and the Mt. Everest

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without – Buddha

Facebook Activism Takes the Next Step in Nepal

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on May 8, 2011

Kathmandu May 7, 2010:A new facebook activism took form of reality in expression of aggression against the Constitution Assembly Members here in Nepal. From the past few years the Nepalese people have been waiting for their new constitution where one after the other things have prolonged endlessly in expanding the declaration date of constitution.  People specially youths gathered here in Kathmandu Maitigahar area  and peacefully protested against the delay of declartion of constitution under the facebook project Nepal Unites, to “ Show up -Stand up-Speak up”program. People showed a huge concern over the delaying Process and its existence.

Nepal was declared Federal Democratic Republic in 2008 after out casting the long lasting Monarchy system.  From then, a unicameral body of 601 members was formed as a result of the Constituent Assembly election which was held on April 10, 2008. The Constituent Assembly was tasked with writing a new constitution, and to act as the interim legislature for a term of two years which has already expired and the constitutional assembly has further extended their declaration dates accordingly.

According to the organizers, “People are sick and tired of the endless bickering among the political leaders with a single motive to grab power and patronage. This is a blatant insult by our politicians of the people’s mandate and an utter disregard of the people’s aspirations of building a peaceful and prosperous Nepal. We are quickly loosing all our hopes in our tired leaders who seem neither to have the vision nor the energy to deliver on their tall promises. We have grown tired of their rhetorical speeches that lack content and coherence. The people of Nepal have paid the lawmakers more than their due to write the constitution. We now want to see them perform their obligation and give us our constitution by May 28, 2011. We have reached our limits of tolerating your incompetency and dishonesty. We will not let you continue to make a mockery of our mandate, no more. We, the people of Nepal, demand that you deliver us our constitution and deliver it quick. If not Else, be prepared to face the consequences.”

“Jyala Pura Liyau Aba Sambidhan Due” or Nepal Unites is a campaign run by the people to speak up and voice their interest regarding the delay in drafting of the constitution and concluding the peace process.”


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