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Indian film maker insults Nepal

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on August 18, 2011

N. P. Upadhyaya

Insulting and humiliating the Nepalese nationals by the citizens of the neighboring Indian Republic, which only came into existence, 1947, thanks the British East India Company, is not a new phenomenon.

We are used to such fanaticism.

But yet Italy rules India.

India or Bharat or even Hindustan took a formal shape only recently compared to every heads high and a proud Nepal which ever remained as a sovereign and independent nation. Neighbors envy, Nepal’s pride.

But this fact the Indian authorities or for that matter even the qualified Indian nationals deliberately ignore.

Must have been suffering from inferiority complex syndrome which is only but natural because of their ignominious past. We sympathize.

The Nepalese understand this and prefer not to remind their harrowing past in the larger interest of Nepal-India relations considering the pain our friends in the South may have braved or subjected to while being mercilessly ruled by the various sorts of aliens.

Nepalese gesture is there. Nepalese people wish to love and honor the Indian nationals and their ruling authorities. This they don’t want to understand, unfortunately.

Yet at times, the Indian nationals do not reciprocate in a friendly manner and indulge in acts that summarily undermines our past glory and dignified status among the comity of nations.

Every now and then, one could listen or observe acts that are being deliberately committed by the other side which pains the independent citizens of Nepal.

However, some salaried local Nepali Mirjaffors ignore the insulting acts as if nothing has been done that could be taken as a slur worth the name. Countless Jaychands now we have.

But the insult is there. It can’t be dismissed.

This time Nepal, our country, has been slighted with a classic technique. In the past, while we the Nepalese and our nation was humiliated by some in India through the Indian filthy films wherein the Nepalese were inevitably portrayed as “Bahadurs”, “Kanchas” and Gurkhas”, then this time we have been offended to the hilt comfortably by a new entrant in Hindi Cinema, Mr. Aditya Seth, Mumbai, who through a newly made documentary film portrays the entire Nepalese as BAHADURS in a derogatory manner.

“Like it or not, the Nepalese nationals working in India as domestic servants have a common name BAHADUR”, claims the film maker Aditya Seth in a determined fashion.

This speaks of how the Indian nationals in general take the Nepalese working in India.

The Indian beggars and vegetable vendors across the nation in millions and millions are treated sympathetically in Nepal. Nepalese do not offend them. Not at all.

Nepalese learnt begging practices from the Indian beggars. Or it was a rare phenomenon. Pick pocketing too is an Indian gift to Nepal.

Aditya has freshly completed the making of a film on the Nepalese who reside in the Western part of this country. The film forces one to believe that had it not been the Indian nation across the border, the Nepalese would have died of hunger.

The film also tells stories on how the Nepalese nationals target Mumbai as their desired destination and how they return back home infected with HIV positive and transmit this fatal disease among their own would-be family members. Nicely portrayed.

Nepalese are poor. Nepalese are hopeless and hapless. Nepalese have nowhere to go beyond India. For the Nepalese, India is in itself a world. Nepalese are a starving lot. Nepalese politics is bad. The list may go long if I recall as to what scenes I could see while watching the irritating documentary.

It was a sixty-five minutes ordeal watching the Himalayan abuse of Nepal, August 12. Suffocation was in the theater hall. Tension was already brewing inside the hall among the invitees. All that Aditya was awaiting perhaps accolades from the audience. However, that was not forthcoming for this young film maker from the seat of the largest slum dwellers in the world.

With the nightmare ended, Aditya was greeted with volley of questions. The entire situation went against his film for the way the Nepalese nationals were projected in his documentary film.

The daddy of them all is yet to come.

The title of the Film is an abhorrent one.

“Bahadur-The Accidental Brave”.

The title itself has been picked up to flare up tender Nepali sentiments. Nepalese were real Bahadurs-the brave ones, who had already conquered the now Indian territory up to Sutlez River in the West and were about to capture Delhi, the Indian Capital now which the Britons ruled then.

Some in the hall reminded Aditya that Nepali soldiers had advanced with a mood to conquer Delhi but the political wrangling back in Kathmandu’s Royal Palace then mercifully saved their present day capital. Or else Nepali flag would have been fluttering.

It should have in during the year 1814.

Nepalese are not accidentally brave. They are brave by birth save some salaried Lendhups of the Sikkim annexation fame.

The use of the word, accidental, has deliberately been made to downsize the Nepali pride. Aditya proved that he too belonged to the same flock which take sadistic pleasure in demeaning Nepal and the Nepalese.

Brave is brave. Not by accident. Poor Aditya should have read some pages of glorious Nepali past in some history books prior to making and naming the title of this documentary film.

He can even read World History of Pundit Nehru.

Our own nationalist national, Manoj Pundit, assisted Aditya. Smells rat in the entire affair.  But which Pundit is this who was standing along with this film maker?

But the Indians need not read Nepal. They are born Nepal graduates.  Aditya, indeed the one who made great efforts in making a short film on Nepal, must have inserted other facets of Nepal as well in order to make the film more appealing one for the Nepali audience. But he failed because of the prevailing old Indian mindset that all those who come from Nepal were to be treated as starving Bahadurs.

Had these Bahadurs been not active then China would have gulped the entire West Bengal during the 1962 war with India.

Which regiment blocked the advancing RED ARMY right in the vicinity of Arunachal Pradesh? Definitely the Gorkha regiment.

In its occasional war with Pakistan, it were these real Bahadurs who were sent in the front to fight with the Pakistani military who saved the Indian Union from the Pak onslaught.

Stretching the story will have no impact on the half baked Indian intellectuals because for them there is nothing beyond India.

All that we want to appeal the Nepali Ambassadors posted abroad is to inform their host government(s) not to allow the screening of this documentary.

Finally, what to talk of the former defeated ones for centuries. The past stigma perhaps forces them to insult others. Apart from these insulting elements, the documentary is an educative one. We appreciate Aditya’s insulting efforts that he dared by being in Nepal’s Capital itself.



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