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Nepal: Acid test for PM Bhattarai

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on September 8, 2011

N. P. Upadhyaya

Kathmandu: One year after his NOIDA return to Kathmandu, Nepal Maoist Chairman Prachanda, the ferocious of the bygone era, while talking to a local newspaper in Nepal had bluntly stated that “the substantial support from India to Nepal would be no support at all from that country”.

He may have talked in his whims, as he occasionally does, but yet his declarations are partially correct.

He may have preferred to ventilate his ire against India on some personal counts, which could have been made for public consumption in Nepal, but the manner the Indian leadership from all shades and colours and the “affiliated and tamed Indian media” have begun pouring in their inner love and honour for the newly appointed Nepal Prime Minister, Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai, do tell that finally it would be these Indian machinations which will enormously damage the very popular credentials of Nepal PM sooner than later. The damage Bhattarai campaign is in full progress.

Thanks the Indian media has so far not made the story that Nepal PM Bhattarai belonged from the Indian origin.

These unessential praise and seductions, that is in its full swing, will ultimately stamp and certify that Nepal Prime Minister Bhattarai was excessively closer to the Indian establishment and that his elevation this time as Nepal Prime Minister must have become a reality only with the Himalayan support that he may have enjoyed from the Indian establishment.

Though Dr. Bhattarai has the right to rebuke these allegations but yet the manner the Indian leadership is exhibiting its beaming mood with his elevation as Nepal PM faintly hints that Bhattarai’s relations with the Indian regime must have been a long time affair and that his “special” relation with the Indian command, hopefully, will bode ill for the overall political and sovereign health of Nepal and may even have a negative impact on Nepal-India relations that is in its lowest ebb ever recorded.

Nepal PM is being corroded and maligned in a calculated and structured manner, analysts conclude. Whether Dr. Bhattarai himself prefers this damage or is a deliberate act from across the border to let the Nepali people clearly understand that Bhattarai in his days as Prime Minister of Nepal should remain more loyal towards the Indian regime than what should have been the otherwise as per the Nepali expectations, remains yet to be made known by the “inner coterie” of the Prime Minister.  

The Indian regime is hell bent on proving that Nepal Prime Minister was their inner coterie confidante and nothing more than that. Take care Mr. Prime Minister.

The first damaging shot was fired by India’s proxy Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh who without wasting a single minute, talked to Nepal PM Bhattarai and congratulated Bhattarai for his elevation as new Nepal PM. The second projectile followed the very next morning when Bhattarai was tentatively “reminded” by his Indian counterpart that India has “special” relations with Nepal through an official message.

The use of the word “special” hurts the sentiments of Nepali population save a few, may be the few include Dr. Bhattarai himself and some undeclared moles.

The third but equally damaging Impoverished Explosive Device, IED, was fired on new Nepal Prime Minister by his own long time mentor and associate, Professor Sukh Dev Muni , in his fresh write up who bluntly wrote that, (sic) “The Indian government did an excellent job this time by facilitating the elevation of Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai as the new Nepal Prime Minister”.

This perhaps explains so many things unspoken. Such stories are solely aimed at proving Bhattarai as a Nepali national with “excessive” India-contact and bend.

Whether Bhattarai has carefully analysed the meaning underneath of such propaganda or not is not of the analysts concern. Analysts believe that Bhattarai will take appropriate measures to control the damages that could be more in the pipeline from his second home away from home.

(Read Baban Singh’s reading as regards Dr. Bhattarai and the Indian establishment in our headline column).

The sudden spurt of arrival of the redundant Indian political leaders and countless sleuths in Nepal wherein they extol Dr. Bhattarai too in many more ways than one is contributing to the demolish in series being carried out by the men from across the border against the former JNU Graduate.

Granted that Nepal PM had more than decade and a half plus stint in India while pursuing his higher studies together with the India supported ‘job’ of “People’s War”, which may have brought him closer to some Indian leaders who wanted apparently to devastate Nepal through the kind courtesy of the distinguished Nepalese themselves available then in India, yet this doesn’t mean that Dr. Bhattarai should now pay the price of the Indian salt that he may have consumed during his overly stretched India stay. He must have paid for the food.

India will squeeze Nepal PM to the hilt, the indications are already there for all to see. Coercive diplomacy has already begun with the arrival of some fourth grade Indian leaders.

His personal friendship doesn’t matter. What should matter is that how he strikes a balance in between Nepal’s relations with both India and China?

He should tell his counterpart that Nepal as an “independent and sovereign” nation has no special relation as such with India as Man Mohan freshly claimed.  

(Nepal PM is visiting India after his return from UN Assembly meet).

Hopefully, while in India, Dr. Bhattarai will be taken as a “lost brother in KUMBHA mela” but finally located in Nepal.

It would be this “lost and found phenomenon” which will tarnish “Mr. Clean’s” image of Nepal PM once and for all.

Back home, Nepal PM Bhattarai has already landed in trouble.

The first hitch, time permitting, would come from his own party Chairman Dahal who has very smartly sided with him though they differed till the other day. 

Precisely speaking, Chairman Dahal wants to use and over use Dr. Bhattarai as a political tool in order to mend his estranged relations with the Indian regime. The day, Bhattarai accomplishes this onerous task, Chairman Dahal will exhibit his true colour.

A severe and fatal jolt the new Nepal Prime Minister Bhattarai may receive from the multi-colour coalition partners whose partnership with the Maoists has not been taken in good taste by a section of the Nepali population for some mysterious reasons. The parties which criticised the Maoists for having no interest for the completion of the peace process and for constitution draft have suddenly joined their necks with the Maoists and vice versa. (Read Baban Singh September 7, 2011, leaks).

The alliance is typical and appears to have been crafted with a design-which remains yet an ambiguity but would come to the fore sooner than later. Baban Singh is making the secrets public.

The fifty-fifty partnership in Babu Ram’s government is what eventually will bring down this set up provided the long time associates of the Indian regime, the Nepali Congress and the UML act fast.

By keeping the so called parliamentary parties in the cold, Dr. Bhattarai will come across a variety of seen and unseen difficulties whose origin will once again be the “instructions” from the Hardliner lobby of the South Block, Delhi which still claims that the Maoists could not be trusted.

Jayant Prasad has already tightened his belts.

The moderate lobby of the South Block provided the last chance to the Maoists. The idea is to bring down this government if Dr. Bhattarai exceeds his “democratic” functions and ignores the long list of the preservation of the Indian interests in Nepal, for example, stationing of Air Marshals at the International Airport, signing of the “India drafted extradition treaty verbatim, and disturbing China from the Nepali soil, to name a few.

(Nepal CA member Baban Singh claims that Bhattarai has been elevated as Nepal PM to ensure a vertical split in the party he represents at the moment).

If Bhattarai is really a man trusted by the Indian regime and if he had enjoyed tacit Indian support for his elevation this time as Nepal Prime Minister then he is obliged to act as told by the invisible alien brains . His real downfall will begin right then if he acts as per the Indian instructions.

To recall, RAW man, Alok Joshi had stayed in Kathmandu to convince parties to vote in favour of Bhattarai. Must have been a funding running in billions and billions.

Dashain bonanza it must have been for those who pocketed the hefty amounts. Thanks the RAW….   See you again in Kathmandu…

Finally, a blow to his party has already been awarded by the Maoist hardliner camp led by Mohan Baidya.

The crisis may be settled but yet Mohan Baidya will ever remain suspicious of the very inner intent of Dr. Bhattarai’s four point agreement that he signed with the Madhesi parties.

Baidya has serious reservations on some of the unwarranted insertion of words in the said agreement.

One of the Ministers from the Madhesi Front, J. P. Gupta, has stated that the current government will not last for long, not even ninety days.

This blunt declaration is really dangerous.  

Some even claim that Dahal is behind the fresh turmoil inside the Maoists party.

All in all, Dr. Bhattarai, Mr. Clean as he is being already taken, has furrowed road ahead.

The sidelined NC and the UML have become restive. May have been engaged in devising a fresh scheme on how to bring Bhattarai to the footpath.

Trying time for Nepal PM Bhattarai begins. Submission or determination? The choice is yours Mr. Prime Minister! How you brave the Indian coercion will be more than interesting to observe in the coming days. 

Nepal: Acid test for PM Bhattarai.


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