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Facebook Pages Now Get Timeline

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on February 29, 2012

Facebook Timeline for pages has just been released, bringing the new Timeline look to the brand and organisation pages you “like” on Facebook.

All pages will switch to the new design by March 30, whether or not brands optimise their profiles, and add a big header image.

Any Facebook change naturally brings out some love and hate. Some brands will love it, especially those who update their pages often. For others, it will show up how infrequently they update their page.

Facebook users took to Twitter to vent their spleen over the change, with feelings evenly split between love and hate.

Ian Schafer from Deep Focus told Mashable: “It’s an opportunity for brands to tell more engaging stories on Facebook than they can now,” Schafer said. “It puts them more in control of their content.”

The New York Times which has 2 million likes switched their page immediately. The paper’s Facebook Page features a cover photo of The Times newsroom in 2008, when Walt Bogdanich, Jake Hooker and Amy Harmon all received Pulitzer Prizes.

Yasmin Namini, senior vice president, marketing and circulation, and general manager, reader applications, The New York Times Media Group said: “Our 160-year history of chronicling world events makes The Times an ideal fit for Page timeline and some of the other new Facebook features.”

Big brands like Coca Cola were also quick to switch, as has HuffPost UK Tech.

For those not familiar with Timeline, it’s the new Facebook layout that tells your entire life story in reverse chronological order. It displays your comments, likes, photos and shares all in one place.

While brand managers may obsess over the new look Timeline, and many users might worry about displaying their every Facebook activity, Facebook users actually see your page infrequently. Many spend most of their time checking the news feed, not on individual brand pages.

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What do you think of Facebook timeline for pages?

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