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Tulisa Contostavlos Sex Tape? Video Claims To Show X Factor Judge Performing Oral Sex

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on March 19, 2012

A tape allegedly showing X Factor Judge Tulisa Contostavlos performing oral sex on an unidentified man has emerged online.

The video was featured on several websites, including one called NotTulisa, but it has since been taken down.

A cached version however remains, with the following text: “Not Tulisa and an ex-boyfriend recorded themselves having sex in a public place, shot backstage at a music gig, on his Blackberry.

“This crystal-clear movie is in no way is a hidden camera! Just look at Not Tulisa playing to the camera, smiling and laughing… the naughty little minx!

“The fact it is filmed in a PUBLIC PLACE makes the whole sex act even more risky, as anyone could have been watching or taking pictures.”

Huffington Post UK was waiting for comment from Tulisa’s representatives at time of press.

In August last year a sex tape which allegedly revealed the N-Dubz singer “in a raunchy romp” was dismissed as 100 per cent fake by the 24-year-old and her management.

The clip, filmed on a Blackberry, was being offered for sale for £500,000, the Sun revealed.

At spokesman for Tulisa said at the time: “She is horrified that someone would go to the extreme lengths of fabricating a video. It is absolutely not her.

“Tulisa has categorically never allowed anyone to film her having sex.”

It’s not known if the tape currently circulating is the same one.

@Huffington Post

One Response to “Tulisa Contostavlos Sex Tape? Video Claims To Show X Factor Judge Performing Oral Sex”

  1. Tulisa said watch here its real dappy even confirmed on twitter

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