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Red Cross prepares Chicago for mass exodus during NATO Summit?

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 30, 2012

A view of the Chicago skyline (Reuters / John Gress)

A view of the Chicago skyline (Reuters / John Gress)

Chicago, Illinois is expected to swell with armed security forces during next month’s NATO Summit, but will that be enough to keep the Windy City under control? Officials are now readying a massive exit strategy to vacate the entire metropolis.

A memo has been sent out of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Red Cross office that confirms that officials are already taking measures to handle an emergency of epic proportions during the upcoming NATO Summit, scheduled for the week of May 20 in the city of Chicago, 70 miles to the south. In addition to armed security forces expected to begin patrolling Chicago as early as this week, authorities are now making plans to usher residents up to Milwaukee in case the planned NATO protests cause an emergency that warrants an immediate evacuation of the city.

“The American Red Cross in southeastern Wisconsin has been asked to place a number of shelters on standby in the event of evacuation of Chicago,” reads a recent email sent out to Milwaukee-area volunteers of the emergency assistance organization. Chicago’s WLS News reports that the email states that the reason for stand-by is that the NATO Summit “may create unrest or another national security incident.” Read the rest of this entry »

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2556th Buddha Jayanti celebration and promotion of Visit Lumbini year 2012 in Sydney

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 30, 2012

By Sujan Neupane

Buddha Jayanti, a sacred and special day for global Buddhist communities and followers of The Lord Buddha’s teachings and message of global peace and harmony. As The Buddha was born in Lumbini Nepal in 624 BC Buddha’s birthday is more special for all The Nepalese living all over the world. As People are celebrating 2556th Buddha Jayanti globally we are also going to show our respect and pay homage to The Lord Buddha organising a special event at Tempe Reserve Sydney on 6th of May in presence of hundreds of representatives from different communities and countries with many special programs all day. This time the celebration is going to be more special here in Sydney as it is going to be organised jointly by six well known Nepalese Buddhist communities in Ausralia and we will be together with hundreds of people in this foreign land supporting Nepal government’s very special campaign to promote Buddha’s birthplace Lumbini to the world ‘Visit Lumbini Year 2012’.

As our team is strongly committed to share Buddha’s teachings and messages of peace and harmony to different communities as well as our new generation which is growing up in this foreign land and to promote Buddha’s birthplace  we have planned different programs suitable for them. We will be showing our respect to those who have played very important role in promoting Buddha’s peace messages and his birthplace Lumbini Nepal.

We will be presenting certificate of respect to Dr Kavitaram Shrestha Read the rest of this entry »

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What Would British Fascism Look Like?

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 30, 2012

By James Bloodworth, Writer, blogger at The Independent and Obliged to Offend

It has been reported that the National Front (NF) is planning on fielding 35 mayoral and local election candidates in May, the largest number it has put up for election since 1983.

An outfit that most of us thought had disappeared in the 1980s has re-emerged due to splits that are currently ravaging the British National Party (BNP).

All being well of course, NF candidates will take a thorough battering at the polls next month. Fortunately, the economic crisis that began in 2008 has not yet been marked by the racial tensions that characterised large economic crises of the past.

And yet, were a far-Right government ever to win power in Britain – and never get too complacent, for a Searchlight poll last February found a staggeringly high number of voters who said they would be prepared to vote for party of the far-Right if it renounced violence – what might it do in its first year of power?

This is pure speculation of course, but interesting all the same, I think.


Recent wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya are often simplified into a Left/Right question: if you are on the Left you were against them, if you are on the Right you supported them. This is crude and misleading. In the tradition of isolationism, the British far-Right is concerned with foreigners only when they directly threaten the national interest. This includes foreigners dying at the hands of barbaric regimes. Read the rest of this entry »

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Britain Gets Battered: Gale Force Winds Leave Trees Uprooted And Power Lines Down (PICTURES)

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 30, 2012


Following weeks of drought warnings and hosepipe bans, Britain is back to its blustery, windswept best.

Gusts of up to 71mph an hour battered South West England and Wales yesterday leaving trees uprooted, power lines down and much of the country waterlogged.

The Met Office has issued a “code yellow” severe weather warning, urging members of the public to be aware of conditions which have “the potential to cause danger to life or widespread disruption”.

Trees and debris bringing down power lines led to 10,000 homes being left without power in south Wales and the West Midlands on Sunday night, as well as 2,000 homes in the South West.

Britain Braced For Further FloodingMan Dies In Car Submerged In Hampshire Ford

Hundreds of trees were uprooted during the gales, with some injuries reported. Read the rest of this entry »

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World’s Biggest Photo: 272 Gigapixel Image Made With Canon 7D Camera

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 30, 2012


272 Gigapixel Image Biggest In World
You’re looking at the world’s largest photo.

The whopping shot of Shanghai is 272 gigapixels, and was made with a £1000 Canon 7D Camera.

It’s size outshines a 70 gigapixel (70 billion pixels) whopper of Budapest, an 80 gigapixel image of London , a remarkable 26 gigapixel image of Dresden and an 8 gigapixel image of the Milky Way.

To compare the shot you your average household digital camera snaps shots, they usually come up between two and 20 megapixels.

The amazingly detailed image won a competition to create the world’s largest digital photo.

It’s not just one shot though, the massive image is 12,000 photos stitched together.

So how big is a 272 gigapixel image exactly? 1 gigapixel is 1000 megapixels, which is 1 billion pixels. So we’re looking at 272 billion pixels, which is large enough to cover 7000 billboards. Read the rest of this entry »

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London 2012: More Locations For Olympics Missiles Revealed By MoD

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 30, 2012

Olympics Missiles

The MoD say the missiles will be tested prior to a final decision being made

Surface-to-air missiles could be deployed at six sites across London during the Olympics, the Ministry of Defence said on Monday.

The Lexington Building in Tower Hamlets and the Fred Wigg Tower in Waltham Forest, both in east London, have been identified as potential sites.

Blackheath Common and Oxleas Wood, both in south east London, plus William Girling Reservoir in the Lea Valley Reservoir Chain in Enfield and Barn Hill at Netherhouse Farm in Epping Forest are other possible sites.

No final decision has been made about this potential deployment but it does form part of Olympic Guardian, a major exercise in which security preparations are being tested this week.

A wide range of actions and capabilities are set to be tested over 2-10 May, in Weymouth, London and on the Thames. A number of the Royal Navy’s Lynx helicopters as well as the HMS Ocean, will be involved, in addition to RAF jets, Navy air assault troops, and Territorial Army units. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dmitry Pirog vs Daniel Jacobs

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 29, 2012


Read the rest of this entry »

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Widespread Love: One family, 111 members

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 29, 2012

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Keep guessing: US deploying fighter jets to the Gulf?

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 29, 2012

F-22 Raptor fighter jet (Lockheed Martin via Getty Images / AFP)

F-22 Raptor fighter jet (Lockheed Martin via Getty Images / AFP)

The US says it has deployed a number of its most modern jet fighters to an air base in Southwest Asia. The announcement alarmed many, who suspect the base is actually in the United Arab Emirates just 200 hundred miles from Iran.

The Air Force did not specify the exact number or location of the recently-deployed F-22 Raptors, but confirmed that they had been sent to a base in Southwest Asia, a region that includes the UAE.

“Such deployments strengthen military-to-military relationships, promote sovereign and regional security, improve combined tactical air operations and enhance interoperability of forces, equipment and procedures,” said Air Force spokesman Capt. Phil Ventura.

Numerous reports assert that the planes have been deployed in the United Arab Emirates, just 200 miles from Iran’s mainland.

The move is viewed by many as a precautionary measure ahead of crucial nuclear talks with Iran. Read the rest of this entry »

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Broody Cheryl Cole Picks Name For Child In GQ Interview

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 29, 2012


Cheryl Cole has already chosen a name for her first son – but admits she’s struggling to find the right man to settle down with.

The 28-year-old, who broke off her marriage to footballer Ashley Cole in February 2010, has told GQ magazine that she yearns for a husband to have kids with.

The former Girls Aloud singer said: “I’d love kids. I’m obsessed with babies. Of course I’ve thought about baby names. A million times.

“I like (the name) Alfie for a little boy. I know that is what I was put on Earth to do – to be a mother.”

Cheryl has a soft spot for Prince Harry but is wary of looking like the older woman if they were to date. She says: “I think he’s amazing and I think you can relate to him because he’s made mistakes. He’s cool. Although, I think I would be Cougarville in that relationship.” Read the rest of this entry »

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अश्लील फिल्म खेल्न को लागि नायिकालाई ५० लाखको प्रस्ताब

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 29, 2012

समाज बिकृतिको पराकास्ठा

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Sunday Times Rich List – Lakshmi Mittal Remains Britain’s Wealthiest Person

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 29, 2012

PA  |    PA

Lakshmi Mittal Richest Man

The rich got richer over the last year, with the wealthiest 1,000 people in the UK now worth a record £414 billion.

Bucking the double-dip recession and record unemployment, the super-rich have so far enjoyed a great 2012, with the combined wealth of the richest 1,000 now standing at £414.26 billion.

The figure represents a 4.7% rise on last year and surpasses the previous high of £412.85 billion in 2008, set months before the financial crash from which the rest of Britain has yet to fully recover.

There are 77 billionaires in the 2012 rich list this year, two more than the previous record of 75 in 2008 and the threshold to even be among the 1,000 richest people in Britain rose by £2 million on last year – with individuals needing at least £72 million to make the list.

The figures were released in the annual Rich List from The Sunday Times.

Although still holding on to the top spot, steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal, 61, has seen 27% wiped off the value of his family fortune in the last year as a result of the dramatic drop in the share value of his principal business, the giant steel producer ArcelorMittal. Read the rest of this entry »

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France Elections: Sarkozy Gaddafi Donation Claim Weighs On French President’s Campaign

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 29, 2012


Sarkozy Gaddafi Donation

PARIS — French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Sunday fiercely rejected reports that he was offered campaign funding from late Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, as new challenges piled up for Sarkozy a week before France’s presidential runoff.

Sarkozy also rebuffed leftist critics who compared his campaign rhetoric to that of France’s Nazi collaborators, as ugly wartime memories surfaced in what has been a particularly bitter presidential race.

Polls predict Sarkozy will lose the May 6 runoff to Socialist Francois Hollande, who promises government-funded jobs programs and higher taxes on the rich – pledges that resonate with a recession-weary electorate.

The campaign funding allegation originates from a year-old claim by Gadhafi’s second son, Seif al-Islam Gadhafi, that Libya financed Sarkozy’s 2007 presidential bid. The allegation came as Sarkozy was campaigning for international airstrikes against Gadhafi’s forces to stop his crackdown on Libyan rebels.

Although no evidence has emerged that the funding ever took place, French website Mediapart reported Saturday that it had obtained a 2006 Libyan document signed by Gadhafi’s then-intelligence chief Moussa Koussa with an offer by the regime to spend (EURO)50 million on Sarkozy’s campaign. Read the rest of this entry »

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Olympics Missiles Plan For Block Of Flats Criticised By Residents

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 29, 2012

PA/The Huffington Post

Olympics Missiles Flats Bow London

The Army is to station soldiers and high velocity surface-to-air missiles on top of a block of residential flats to ward off any airborne terror threats during the Olympics.

Residents in the private, gated flats in Bow, east London, have received a leaflet warning them that a team of 10 soldiers and police will be stationed at the building – home to 700 people – for the duration of the Games.

Late last year Defence Secretary Philip Hammond confirmed to MPs that he was contemplating installing missile defences for the Olympics.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) leaflet says the missiles will only be fired as a last resort, said resident Brian Whelan, a journalist.

He said: “They are going to have a test run next week, putting high velocity missiles on the roof just above our apartment and on the back of it they’re stationing police and military in the tower of the building for two months.

“It’s a private, gated community with an old watch tower which is now a lift shaft.

“We have an MoD leaflet saying the building is the only suitable place in the area.

“It says there will be 10 officers plus police present 24/7. Read the rest of this entry »

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फेसबुकमा अन्जु पन्तको चरित्र हत्या, वास्तबिक फोटो श्रोत फेला पर्‍यो

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 29, 2012

सामाजिक सञ्जाल फेसबुकमा आइतबार दिनभरि एउटा कामुक तस्बिर छ्याप्छ्याप्ती भैदिनाले ठूलो हैरानी दियो गायिका अञ्जु पन्तलाई । टपलेस अवस्थामा एक युवकसित टङकिसमा मस्त युवती अञ्जु पन्त भएको प्रचार गरिएकाले सनसनी फैलिएको थियो । आफूलाई गीत/संगीतप्रेमी भन्ने एक फेसबुक समूहले सुरुमा सो तस्बिर सार्वजनिक गरेको थियो । तस्बिरकी युवती अञ्जु नै भएको दाबी सो समूहले गरेको छ । युवक को हुन् भन्नेचाहिँ कतै खुलाइएको छैन ।

तस्बिरमा देखिएकी युवतीको अनुहार अञ्जुसित मिल्दोजुल्दो छ भने हातको औँलामा लगाएको औँठी र नाकको नत्थीसमेत मिल्नाले शंका गर्नसक्ने आधार थिए । तर, अञ्जुले सो तस्बिर आफ्नो हुनै नसक्ने ठोकुवा गरेकी छन् । ‘औँठी मेरोजस्तै छ तर हात मेरो होइन,’ अञ्जुले भनिन् । तस्बिरका कारण अञ्जु दिनभरि तनाबमा रहेकी थिइन् । Read the rest of this entry »

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