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Notice: Due to 2556th Buddha Jayanti programs……

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on May 2, 2012

Dear friends,
I am heading to Sydney to attend some programs on the occasion of 2556th Buddha Jayanti and also to promote Visit Lumbini Year 2012:  Invitation in Buddha Jayanti Program
And also got invitation in this program:
Dear Ram Kumar Shrestha Jyu!
Global Co-ordinator
 Lumbini Kapilvstu Day Movement
Subject: As a  special Guest in Buddha 2556th Jayanti
We would like you to invite as special guest in a program of 2556 th Buddha Jayanti, going to be held on 6th May, 2012.
We are so please to hear that you are visiting Sydney and we do not want miss this opprtunity to have you in oor program.
The program is comprises with Puja, Bipasana, and Buddha fellowship teaching.
Your presence will be highly appriciated.
Time: 5 pm Sharp
Date: 6 th may 2012
venue: 66 Princess St, Ashbury(NINFA’s hall provoded by govt of NSW)
So the blog will not be updated for few days, however; there are lots of stuffs to go through. My apology for your inconvenience.  Wishing you all the best on the occasion of 2556th Buddha Jayanti! Let’s be optimistic for World Peace!

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