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APECF signs agreement for Greater Lumbini

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on November 8, 2012

KATHMANDU, Nov 7: The Chinese international non-government organization (INGO)- Asia Pacific Exchange Cooperation Foundation (APECF) – on Wednesday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Lumbini Development Steering Committee (LDSC) for the development and preservation of all aspects of ´Greater Lumbini´.

Executive Vice Chairman of APECF Linus Xiao Wunan and chairman of the LDSC Puspa Kamal Dahal signed the agreement targeting to invest more than US$ 3 billion to develop Lumbini as an international peace city.

Speaking at the MoU signing ceremony, Wunan said further investment in Lumbini depended on the political leadership of Nepal. “We are positive to support it, but it will depend upon the policy of Nepal´s government,” said he.

He further said the foundation was enthusiastic to implement the project and he was happy to receive the support from various international organizations including the United Nations. “The MoU is going to be an important step to maintain peace and development between the two countries and the world,” he said.

Chairman Dahal said, “During my visit I have found international community very keen to see the birth place of Lord Gautam Buddha as international peace city.” He said the agreement was important not simply to bring financial assistance but to maintain peace and stability in Nepal and the whole region.

“China, India and Nepal can come together through Lumbini as we all share cultural and religious similarities,” he said that the agreement was going to create positive atmosphere amongst the three countries and the entire world.

Speaking to the press later, Wunan said that although the major target of the project was to develop Lumbini, the foundation was positive to diversify its investment across the country.


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  1. Basudeb said

    Gautam the Buddha is known to be the personification of Peace, harmony and happiness. What he taught was what he discovered and what he followed. His teachings which is is still available and equally relevant now for any one, anywhere in the world to understand and adopt to achieve peace and happiness. It is based on truth and is universal. To give due respect, understand and apply his teachings is like giving respect to the Buddha. So, the development of Lumbini and other such sacred places should give utmost importance to his teaching to give benefit of peace and happiness available to all who wish so. All necessary physical and other development efforts should be geared toward achieving this goal (of personal, communal, national, international, universal harmony), if we truely want to show our respects to the Buddha. With these development activities the people involved should get spiritual as well as fair economic benefits Without proper, serious, deep, right thought and attitude, any superfluous activities without adequate regard to the main goal could go the money, effort and energy diverted to works motivate by just personal gain or business companies’ profit. Therefore it is equally important, from the very beginning, to see that all kinds of dirty politics, dirty economic gains etc do not get accepted in the projects like this, aimed at promoting peace and purity throughout the universe.

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