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Nepal’s Mustang is third best tourist destination across the world

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on December 25, 2012


mustang.jpg.570x570_q85Australia: Nepal’s trans Himalayan district, Mustang has succeeded to be the third best tourist destination across the world.

Of the best ten tourist destinations across the world, Mustang was picked for its untarnished natural beauty and scenarios by the Lonely Planet.

Tagged as “Little Tibet” and “The Last Forbiddent Kingdom”, the organisation said that one should visit Mustang before breathing his/her last breath on this planet.

The agency has said that though being a part of Nepal, the Mustang territory shares culture, language with Tibet and that its topography and climate has similarities.

The list which has picked top ten destinations for tourist for the year, Mustang is preceded by France’s Korsik, and Israel’s The Negyam.

Presently the Nepal government has imposed restrictions on tourist visit to Mustang. Since 1992 a limited number of tourists are allowed to visit this reclusive territory by paying 500 hundred dollars for ten day tour.

The completion of a road connecting Mustang to China in the north and the rest of Nepal to the south will make all the difference to this remote region. It is often called “little Tibet” or “the last forbidden kingdom”, but is officially part of Nepal, in language, culture, climate and geography, the guide book says.

Life in Mustang revolves around tourism, animal husbandry and trade. Foreign visitors have been allowed to the region since 1992, but tourism to Upper Mustang is regulated. Foreigners need to obtain a special permit to enter, which costs US$50 per day per person. The number of visitors has been increased in recent years and almost 3,000 foreign trekkers travelled to Mustang last year.

The list of top ten travel destinations by Lonely Planet-

    1. Corsica, France
    2.  The Negev, Israel
    3. Mustang, Nepal
    4. The Yukon, Canada
    5. Chachapoyas & Kuelap, Peru
    6. The Gulf Coast, USA
    7. Carinthia, Austria
    8. Palawan, the Philippines
    9. Inland Sea, Japan
    10. Campania, Italy

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