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Queensland Flood: Astronaut tweets flood photos from space

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on February 2, 2013

A Canadian astronaut has captured images of the Queensland floods from a unique angle.

Chris Hadfield took photos of the floods while passing over central Queensland in the International Space Station on Tuesday, sharing them with the world via Twitter. The 54-year-old space veteran has been aboard the ISS since December 19, and is part of a five-month mission to carry out scientific experiments. Commander Hadfield has been sharing his adventures daily on social networking sites.

Twitter @Cmdr_Hadfield “Hello Australia! Last night I stayed up late to take a few photos of the flooding in the Northeast, which I’ll be posting soon.”
BundabergPHOTO: Here’s what Commander Hadfield tweeted…

Twitter @CMDR_HADFIELD You can see the floodwaters pouring straight through Bundaberg and into the ocean. Keep safe and dry down there!


Flooding at Gladstone as seen from spacePHOTO: Here’s what Commander Hadfield tweeted…

Twitter @CMDR_HADFIELD The flooding and flow into the Coral Sea at Gladstone, Australia – visible from the Space Station.

Flooding in Maryborough seen from spacePHOTO: Here’s what Commander Hadfield tweeted…

Twitter @CMDR_HADFIELD Flooding in Maryborough, Australia – visible as we flew over Tuesday morning, 29 Jan.


Flood waters entering the Coral Sea near Rockhampton PHOTO: Here’s what Commander Hadfield tweeted…

Twitter @CMDR_HADFIELD Floodwaters pour into the Coral Sea near Rockhampton, Australia on Tuesday morning


Astronaut Chris Hadfield in spacePHOTO: A picture of Chris Hadfield in space tweeted on January 28, 2013.

Twitter @CMDR_HADFIELD Weightless water. This picture is fun no matter what direction you spin it.



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