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Richard III’s Face Reconstructed From English King’s Skull (VIDEO)

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on February 6, 2013


Now that Richard III’s remains have been identified “beyond a reasonable doubt,”scientists are trying to figure out what the English king looked like.

DNA tests and other techniques confirmed that a battle-scarred skeleton found buried in ruins beneath a parking lot in Leicester, England was that of the monarch, researchers announced on Feb. 4. Now, with the help of technology developed for criminal investigations, scientists at Scotland’s Dundee University have created a bust of Richard, who died in battle in 1485.

king richard face

The bust reveals a king subtly different from the one depicted in familiar portraits, which show a hunched shoulder, claw-like hands and squinting eyes. AlthoughRichard’s skeleton does show a spinal curvature, historians say the popular image of the king was likely exaggerated by his enemies.

“It was of great importance to the Tudor dynasty that this man was a villain,” East Sussex-based medieval art historian Dr. Pamela Tudor-Craig said in an interview with UK’s Channel 4, referencing the name of the family who assumed the throne after Richard’s death. “It was essential, otherwise there was no reason for Henry [the Tudor king] to be on the throne.”

Richard III Excavation
University of Leicester

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