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Ishani Shrestha crowned Miss Nepal World 2013

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on March 21, 2013

Ishani Shrestha was crowned Miss Nepal World 2013 during the grand finale held at Nepal Academy Hall, Kamaladi on Wednesday evening.

“I am beyond happy. Thank you for getting me here. My hard work and determination has paid off,” said an emotional Shrestha right after being crowned.

Miss Nepal 2013 Ishani Shrestha (C) along with First Runner-up Rojina Shahi Thakuri (L) and Second Runner-up Shritima Shah wave to crowd after winning titles. (Photo: Keshab Thoker) 

Miss Nepal 2013 Ishani Shrestha (Photo: Keshab Thoker)

(Photo: Keshab Thoker)

Rojisha Shahi (Thakuri) and Shritima Shah were crowned Miss Nepal Earth 2013 and Miss Nepal International 2013 respectively.

The finale started with the introduction round in which 18 participants walked the stage while their pre-recorded voiceovers were playing in the background. After the first round, the top ten semifinalists were shortlisted.

A jury of ten judges asked questions to the shortlisted contestants after which five finalists were selected on the basis of their answers and pre-judging which took place at International Club, Sanepa on March 16.

For the final round, chief judge Tirtha Man Shakya, former chairman of the Nepal Law Reform Commission, asked the five finalists if they’d prefer nuclear family or joint family.

Prior to announcing the winners, Miss Nepal World 2012 Shristi Shrestha gave her farewell speech in which she described her one-year reign as a beautiful journey full of exceptional memories. “One minute I’d be attending a high-profile event and the next, I’d be in a place where the nearest health post is four days away,” she said, adding that the support she received during her participation in the Miss World contest proves that Nepalis stand for each other.

Among the subtitles, Shritima Shah was declared Miss Photogenic, Meghna Shrestha won the title of Miss Punctuality, Ishani Shrestha won the Best Walk title, Samikshya Shrestha was declared Miss Personality, Riju Shrestha won the Miss Beautiful Smile title, Sipora Gurung was declared Miss Talent; and Ashmita Sitoula won the Fanta Miss Bubbly title with maximum number of likes.

Miss Nepal World, Miss Nepal Earth and Miss Nepal International received flight tickets from Thai Airlines, Philippine Airlines and Nepal Airlines respectively.

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