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World’s Largest Project: South Valley Development

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on March 28, 2013

South Valley Development Project - Toshka, Egypt1Engineering News-Record, a sister publication to Architectural Record, has released its list of the 10 largest construction projects around the globe. The projects range in scope and purpose, from creating a vacation hot spot in the Persian Gulf to diverting water to quench North China’s thirst

Toshka ProjectThe projects here have been ranked by cost, based on U.S. dollars. Costs are not adjusted to reflect the significant differences in purchasing power among countries. Egypt’s South Valley Development Project is the biggest project ($90 billion).

South Valley Development – Egypt

South Valley Development in Egypt is one of the world’s largest construction project, also known as the Toshka Project. Located near the town of Toshka on the northern part of Lake Nasser, the South Valley Development consists of a massive pumping station, Mubarak pumping station, working to drive more than five cubic meters of water per year into the Sheikh Zayed Canal. This canal has been named for Sheik Zayed Bin Sultan El Nahayan, president of the UAE.

South Valley Development Origins

Egypt population outside the Valley and Delta sector is minimal, and they occupy only five percent of its land extension. Starting on 1999 the South Valley Development project is trying to create living areas and suburbs along the South Valley area with this new line of water and new infrastructure being build. The project’s expected date of completion in 2017. The water transported along the canal will irrigate 226,800 hectares of government-owned land.

South Valley Development :Gigantic Mubarak Pumping Station

The first stage of the South Valley Development was the Mubarak Pump Stations, completed in 2003. The Mubarak Pumping station is a state-of-the-art pump station including total control to all head regulators of the water canal using a sophisticated system called ‘Escade System’. The station contains 24 pumps designed with a maximum pumping capacity of 54 meters and discharging 25 million cubic meters per day. There is no question that this is the world’s biggest pumping station, with the capacity to handle 25 million cubic meters per day. Nile river water is pumped into the Sheikh Zayed Canal, a 72-kilometer-long.

South Valley Development : Al-Sheikh Zayed Canal

The Al-Sehikh Zayed Canal is a 72 kilometer long canal, that has been planned to transport water to the new development. This canal has been designed to consider low levels of water using two u-shaped segments; the first segment is 3.35 kilometers long and has a width of 9.5km. The main canal structure has a width of 30 meters on its bottom and has a hydarulic slope of 15cm/km and then it decreases to 8 cm/km. It has a water depth of 6 meters and the canal is bedded with sand reinforced with cement. The canal also contains regulators to control water levels along the canal, five concrete bridges and a spillway to drain excessive waters allowing a safer operation.

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