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Birthday Wish

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on May 3, 2013

My status: Thank you all for your birthday wish. Namaste Melbourne would like to announce my birthday in the radio tonight 10:00-11:00 Melbourne time that you can listen live on 92.3 MHz 3zzz FM or on Facebook from Saturday. This respect not to me but to the country, to the mission we initiated and continuing despite our limited resources and against lots of direct indirect and seen unseen obstacles. To achieve the mission goal must be the part of our life.

Buddha n Everest

 Among hundreds of wishes, this poetic wish drew my attention:
  • Pradip Bajra

    Let us congratulate you in verse
    And wish you health and success,
    Success in your endeavors and actions
    And the positive bright to boot.
    Let the energy of life is in full swing,
    Let the dream become a reality,
    And happiness dwell securely in your home,
    And do not leave your heart joy!

    Happy Birthday in simple words
    You let me congratulate you.
    Smile, and pass all the sadness,
    Look at the problems you’re joking!
    I wish you good views
    And good reliable friends
    Beloved person close
    And the crazy adventure of ideas!

    I wish to live and enjoy life,
    Take all you can, now, not later.
    Dream, humorous and most importantly – to fall in love
    And do not be sorry, of course, about the past.
    I give to you today, congratulations,
    You smile, and the world will be brighter!
    Let the celebration of childhood happen again,
    After all, with him to go through life more fun!

    We would like to congratulate the happy birthday,
    And wish for happiness in life,
    A living do not be offended,
    You should not lose heart in life.
    Have it all: a storm, snowstorm,
    Let there be joy and peace,
    And if you will be very sad,
    You remember, we are always with you!

    We wish we in your party only
    Grow up, laugh and bloom,
    Kindness, warmth and happiness as
    So that a hundred years did not carry!
    In the studies and work – good luck,
    And the rest – quickly and relish!
    Let it be villas, money, cottages
    And let it be over the fate of the power!

    Let smiles shine
    Today the sky and the earth,
    Sunlight plays
    Everything today is for you!
    Happiness, joy and fun
    In life, let your will.
    Happy birthday
    We wish happy days!

    What do you give to your birthday?
    What surprise you, dear man?
    What do you wish for all of the known benefits
    Endless Love or bright Awards?
    I want to give you the sunlight
    Whisper of the wind and the many years of joy.
    Let this day be heard in the words of compliments,
    And the happiness of your head is spinning!

    Poems birthday like rays,
    They illuminate the darkness of the night even,
    Banish illness and disperse sadness,
    Problems-care umchat they distance.
    We wish you a lovely flowers
    Smiles, success and sincere words.
    Let life presents a joy forever
    And the year will be filled with happiness!

     BD Cake

BD wish




2 Responses to “Birthday Wish”

  1. Mary said

    Hope you had a very Happy Birthday Ram!

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