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Lumbini-Kapilvastu Day Movement’s 18th National Committee, Norway formed

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on September 4, 2013

Dr. Krishna Aryal Bergen, 2 September 2013

With the ground reality that Lumbini in Nepal is the birth place of Gautam Buddha, aiming to clarify the confusion among world community and rectify wrong information printed about the Buddha’s birthplace in many text books and religious books wherever in the world, and be supportive to the development, expansion and protection of Lumbini in Nepal, the Lumbini – Kapilvastu global movement started from 1st December 2009, with a purpose to spread the real message that Buddha was born in Nepal by encouraging every Nepali to publicise the reality and rise the national dignity, the 18th National Committee Norway of Lumbini – Kapilvastu Day  Global Movement has been formed with a provision to include more advisors if necessary, for now with  2 advisors  and 11 coordinators in the presence of Europe advisor Mr. Damodar Prasad Acharya.

Norway committee

Opening the possibility as necessary to expand the committee later, the 11 member National Movement Committee in Norway consists of following coordinators:

  1. National coordinator: Dr. Krishna Aryal (PhD in Geotechnical Engg., Advisor NRNA Norway), Bergen.
  2. Coordinator: Dr. Anak Bhandari (scientist, PhD in Physics), Bergen
  3. Coordinator: Dr. Nabin Malla (scientist, PhD in Chemistry) Tromso
  4. Coordinator: Dr. Sudan Neupane (Med. Dr. and PhD fellow, University in Oslo), Oslo
  5. Coordinator: Mr. Nayan Malla (Er. and Gen. Secretary, NRNA Norway), Oslo
  6. Coordinator: Mr. Pawan shrestha (Er. and PhD fellow ), Trondheim
  7. Coordinator: Mr. Tulasiram Bhattarai (Er., M.E. student and chairperson of Nepalese Society in Trondheim), Trondheim
  8. Coordinator: Mr. Prithvi Bhusal (student MPhill), Bergen
  9. Coordinator: Mr. Buddhiram Banjade ((student MPhill), Os
  10. Coordinator: Mr. Ganesh Karki ((student MPhill and chairman Nepalese students society, Os), Os
  11. Coordinator: Mr. Pramod Bista ((student MPhill), Os

The National Movement Committee Norway consists of following advisors:

  1. Dr. Krishna Kant Panthi (PhD in Rock Engg., Associate Professor in Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Trondheim
  2. Dr. Suraj Bahadur Thapa (Med. Dr., PhD and Chairman, NRNA, Norway), Oslo

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