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Megha-Airports That Will Pivot the Passenger Flows

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 30, 2014


A lot of cities arrived at busy crossroads in the distant past, and those cities prospered in varying degree depending on how busy the nearby road is. In present days we see that airports have the same role as the crossroads in the past. A busy airport with big traffic could boost strongly the development of a nearby city, or even to become a settlement itself. Now we will take a look over several airports with the potential to become significant traffic points.

Al Maktoum International Airport

Its full completion is expected in 2027 and then it will serve the needs of 160 million travelers. The facility costs $32 milliard and it operates since 2007 when the first passenger aircraft took off from the runway.


Beijing Daxing International Airport

Daxing is a rural region located 30 miles (48 km) away from Beijing. It is still a rural field there, but with the investment of $11 milliard and 5 years of hard work, it will become one of the largest airports in the world. After its completion in 2018 it will be used from 120 to 200 million passengers that will be able to reach Beijing via high-speed train in no more than 30 minutes.


Hamad International Airport

The facility will be operational very soon – in April, 2014. It will take an area of 9000 acres, which is two thirds of the city of Doha. The airport will be a part of the MEB3 (Middle East Big 3) group which includes Qatar Airways, Emirates and Etihad.


Abu Dhabi Midfield Terminal

It is another project of MEB3 which is supposed to increase the current traffic of 12 mln per year to 20-40 mln passengers per year. It will also become the largest structure in Abu Dhabi, so this is why 12 000 workers can be seen at the object every day.


Bao’an International Terminal 3

Terminal 3 is an expansion of the existing Bao’an airport, designed by Massimiliano FuksasHong Kong and Shenzhen relay on the airport and are connected to it by a ferryboat. The airport is located near the Pearl River Delta.

Incheon International Airport

This airport is functional since 2001 and may be described as a separate town near Seoul, becoming an example of how a modern mega-airport should look like. It has a Museum of Korean Culture, a casino, movie theaters and even a hospital inspired by the medical tourism practiced in South Korea. So, a passenger could be healed, fed, entertained and in touch with the Korean culture without even leaving the airport area.




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