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Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on August 19, 2014

SamSometimes to be beautiful and popular also can create problem. Sunrise co-host Sam (Samantha) Armytage’s mobile number accidentally went to air this morning on LIVE TV.


During a segment featuring Samsung’s new smartwatch, the number was quickly flashed on screen.

In a matter of seconds, Sam’s phone was inundated with calls and texts from viewers who had managed to catch her digits.

At last count she had over 1500 messages and 15 marriage proposals.

Sam said she was surprised at how quickly she got a response.

“It was very flattering that at such an early hour so many viewers called or texted to give me their thoughts on the show and ask me to move to Cairns to marry them.”

Sunrise Executive Producer, Michael Pell, said Sam’s number was quickly changed.

“That’s the beauty of live TV, you never know what’s going to happen. The new technology caught us off guard and Sam’s number was changed immediately. On the plus side, it demonstrates how interactive our audience is – they feel so comfortable with our hosts that they’ll call them right up on air.”

You’ll be happy to know (or not so happy) that the number has been changed.

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