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Priyanka Chopra’s Property Used to Run Sex Racket? (Video)

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on November 28, 2014

Priyanka-ChopraPriyanka Chopra is in trouble over a property in Versova, which she has leased to a spa owner.

Recently, th Mumbai police raided the premises for allegedly being used to run a sex racket.

“This property belongs to Priyanka Chopra and her mother’s clinic is situated just next to this place. The entire floor (measuring 3,000 sq ft) belongs to Chopra. In the beginning of this month, the police had raided this place after they got to know that it was being used for sex trade.” a source told Mid Day.

As per reports Priyanka’s mother’s clinic too is situated on the same floor as the spa.  Earlier this month, the Versova police received information that the spa was involved in flesh trade, following which a someone was planted at the Spa to verify it. The person who visited the spa then alerted cops since the info was true and arrested a man and rescued three women who now have been sent to rehab.

Earlier this month, the police receivedinformation regarding the flesh trade being run in the Charisma Spa and Beauty Centre, based on which they busted the spa.

The investigators were successful in arresting Dinesh Chandrakant, the manager of the spa and rescuing three women, they, however, could not arrest the owner Manik Soni.

Soni is very popular with the Bollywood crowd.

“We are searching for Soni who is still at large. Once he is arrested we would get to know the details of the agreement between him and the actor.” reveals the investigating officer.

“The owner of the spa, Manik Soni, is on the run. He was a regular at many Bollywood parties and knows many television and film personalities. The investigation is on, and once the accused is arrested we will verify the agreement and then take action.” a police source told the daily.

Reportedly, Chopra, who is disturbed with the whole issue, was unaware of the prostitution business being run on her property.

In fact, Chopra who trusted the owner, had even visited the premise along with her mother Madhu. Further, Madhu and Chopra’s brother Siddharth were also present at the launch of the spa.

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