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Nutrition Program for Children in Nepal (NPCN)

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on May 18, 2015

Program: A Global Volunteer Program to fight Malnutrition
Among the Earth Quake Victim Children in Nepal

1Introduction: A destructive earthquake of 7.9 magnitude hit Nepal, ruining lives and destroying infrastructures on Saturday 25 April 2015. This killed over 8000 people and injured over 19,000. This huge earth quake was again followed by almost 300 aftershocks, which toppled homes forcing millions of people to take shelter into open spaces in temporary camps. The affected people of that devastated area were still in the panic, another powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 7.1 struck on May 12, 2015 just after two weeks. The situation darned gigantically and has become unmanageable.

Millions of people have been struggling simply to protect themselves from the sun and rain in the open spaces, surviving on stale, rotten and unhealthy food. As people are facing the aftermath of this disaster, the water supplies are running low and food is scarce. The risk of waterborne diseases is growing rapidly and thousands of children with severe malnutrition are in need of proper food and treatment. With the monsoons only a few weeks away, children face greater risk of disease and infection.

Moreover, the situation of lactating mothers and breast feeding babies is even worse as malnourished mother’s breast milk cannot provide enough nutrients. The situation is so deplorable that lactating mothers are forced to feed the breast feeding babies with the coarse, and staple food that is available for adults. Even worse is, sometimes the babies go on without any food for days together.

There is so much to do! The aftermath of the disaster needs immediate and focused attention that needs to be addressed straight away. But everything cannot be done at this moment. Thus, just identifying the hideous problem faced by the vulnerable breastfeeding babies under the age of 5 as the worst part of the disaster, the concerned Nepalese volunteers residing all over the world wanted to fight against it by mobilizing the national as well as international resources of voluntary contributions. Eventually, they called for an emergency cyber conference and formed a global voluntary organization named as Nutrition Program for Children in Nepal (NPCN), under the Patronship of Dr. Kavitaram Shrestha, Woking, UK, and Chairmanship of Er. Ram Kumar Shrestha, Australia with the representation of 15 countries, on May 09, 015. The same cyber assembly then instantly launched an action program named as A Global Volunteer Program to fight Malnutrition among the Earth Quake Victim Children in Nepal with the following goal and action plans to be implemented directly as soon as possible at the grassroots level.

Goal: The goal of this program is to eliminate the problem of malnutrition, faced by the breastfeeding babies under 5 in the earth quake devastated area, by supplying directly at the needy doors, a locally assembled pre-packaged instant nutritious powdered food that can be diluted with boiled water and fed to the children at risk.

Action Plan: To achieve this goal Nutrition Program for Children in Nepal (NPCN) will mobilize all possible financial, human and product-based resources that are available from international to the grassroots level in Nepal. The action Plan has two different components, i.e. (1) Production Component; and (2) Collection of Charity and Delivery of the Relief Product Component. 

  • Production Component: As for the production of the relief product the global volunteer organization NPCN will collaborate with the Relief Food Distribution Program for Earth Quake Victim Children, initiated by BSc Nutrition and Dietetic First Batch Student Volunteers, from Central Campus of Technology, Dharan, Sunsari, Nepal ( These volunteer students have been coordinating for the production of pre-packaged nutritious food called Lito, especially intended for the earth quake victim children under 5 years of age in the disastrous area. The Relief Food Distribution Program for Earth Quake Victim Children, Dharan will be solely responsible for this production component.

The product Lito contains the locally available ingredients with the composition of wheat 64.5%, soybean 18%, sugar 14%, vitamin + minerals 1.5% and whole milk powder 2%. This is produced by Nutrifood Pvt. Ltd, Sonapur, Sunsari, Nepal. The production will be monitored by the student volunteers under the close supervision of the faculty members of the Campus. The net production cost is fixed as NRs. 100.00 per KG and the production company has agreed to supply the product in the factory cost without adding any profit.

–        Collection of Charity and Delivery of the Relief Product Component: The global volunteer organization NPCN will be fully responsible for the collection of the charity and the delivery of the product in the targeted area. It will also collaborate for easier facilitations with The Relief Food Distribution Program for Earth Quake Victim Children, Dharan.

Procedure of Work: All actions will be carried in close collaborations with local volunteers as much as possible. Specific actions will be as follows:

–        NPCN collects donations from national and international contributors;

–        NPCN provides 100% of the collections directly to the Relief Food Distribution Program for Earth Quake Victim Children;

–        Relief Food Distribution Program for Earth Quake Victim Children produces Lito for the 100% fund acquired.

–        NPCN and Relief Food Distribution Program for Earth Quake Victim Children both mutually identify the areas of work and designs the action plan as to how to implement it.

–        Volunteers from both organizations will carry the field work together with one or more local institutions (such as: clubs, schools, rotary clubs, lion’s club, police etc.)

–        All administrative, transportation and overhead costs will be covered with voluntary contributions

Global Executives: Following persons from many countries have given confer their enthusiasm to go in action straight down to the grassroots.

The formations of the Action Committee are as follows: 

Patron and Global Advisors:

  1. Patron: Kavitaram Shrestha, UK,
  2. Global Advisor: Rishi Dhakal, Honorary Consul, California, US, USA,
  3. Global Advisor: Krishna Acharya, Business and Social Work, Nepal,
  4. Global Advisor: Dr. Nisha Jha, Health/ Medicine Specialist UK,

Global Coordination Committee:

  1. Global In-charge: Engr. Ram Kumar Shrestha, Australia
  2. Global Co- In-charge: Mahesh Shrestha, Saudi Arabia,
  3. Global Resource Mobilizer: Ramesh Chakra Khadkaa, Israel,
  4. Saudi Arabia Incharge: Mahesh Shrestha
  5. Nepal Media Coordinator: Shobha Shrestha, Nepal,
  6. Nepal In-charge: Kabin Shrestha,
  7. Nepal Production Coordinaor/Facilitator: Suprabha Shrestha,
  8. Nepal Distribution Coordinator: Hari Dhakal,
  9. Australia Incharge: Laxmi Prakash Magar,
  10. Korea In-charge: Khagendra Parajuli,
  11. UK, In-charge: Dinesh Aryal
  12. Canada, In-charge: Muna Shrestha
  13. USA In-charge: Mr. Chinkaji Shrestha
  14. Spain, In-charge: Gopal Regmi
  15. Belgium, In-charge: Damodar Acharya
  16. Norway In-charge: Dr Krishna Aryal
  17. Qatar In-charge: Shiva Gautam
  18. Israel In-charge: Bhagawati Basnet
  19. UAE In-charge: Arjun Dhahal
  20. Japan Incharge: Anand Koirala

Lito Production Coordination Committee: Relief Food Distribution Program for Earth Quake Victim Children, BSc Nutrition and Dietetic First Batch, Central Campus of Technology, Dharan, Sunsari, Nepal.


  1. Dhan Bahadur Karki, Campus Chief, Central Campus of Technology, Dharan
  2. Dambar Bahadur.khadka, HOD of Nutrition and Dietetics Department, Central Campus of Technology), Dharan
  3. Umesh Thapa, President, Red Cross Society, Dharan
  4. Kundan Shrestha, Entrepreneur and Social Work, Dharan
  5. Ramesh Shah, Manager/Producer: Nutrifood Pvt. Ltd, Sonapur. Sunsari, Nepal

International Advisors, Sunsari, Nepal

  1. Kaviitaram Shrestha, UK, (Originally From Dharan)
  2. Ram Kumar Shrestha, Australia, (Originally From Gorkha)
  3. Mahesh Shrestha, Saudi Arab, (Originally From Dharan)

Executive Committee:

  1. Chair Person: Suprava Shrestha
  2. Vice Chair Person: Miss. Sajana Shrestha
  3. Secretary: Aarem Karki
  4. Vice Secretary: Arpan Dhakal
  5. Tresurer: Mr.Prabin Bhattarai
  6. Member: Milan Dhakal
  7. Member: Rajesh Pokhrel
  8. Member: Komal Guragain
  9. Member: Priyanka Parajuli
  10. Member:Uttam Dhakal
  11. Member: Chitrakala Nepal,
  12. Member: Arjun Thapa, Member
  13. Member:Ashesh Neupane
  14. Member:Arjun Poudel
  15. Member:Ashik Jha



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