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All about BitCoin?

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on October 27, 2017



Cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, are one of the hottest investment opportunities in global money markets right now.Cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, are one of the hottest investment opportunities in global money markets right now.
Check this out…

If you’d invested just US$500 in the top six cryptocurrencies on 1 January 2017, and let your gains pile up over the next five months, you’d be sitting on a small crypto fortune right now:

Bitcoin 72.4%
Ethereum 1,163.2%
Ripple 3,244.9%
Litecoin 607.2%
NEM 3,623.6%
Dash 881.9%

On 9 May, a US$3,000 outlay had ballooned into US$50,966.
A total return of 1,598.86% in just FIVE MONTHS.!
Wow. Just wow.

Bitcoin and its ever-expanding family of cryptocurrencies rank as some of the most lucrative investment plays you can make right now.
And the trend is just getting started…

There are dozens more cryptocurrencies with the power to hand you outsized gains. One called Neoscoin zipped 7,092% in 2016. Another dubbed SIBcoin soared 2,649%. And a third — the strangely named CorgiCoin — could have handed you an 11,664% gain.
HUGE gains. But here’s the thing…

Cryptocurrencies could deliver you a genuine shot at huge money. But where huge gains reign supreme…the stakes are much higher too.

Cryptocurrencies are the Wild West of money markets. It’s an unregulated market with no oversight, controls or rules.

That means you’re taking a HUGE risk jumping into cryptocurrencies willy-nilly.

Bitcoin is the hottest investment to own right now. You can see why…

All told, it’s up 62,328% in the last five years…climbing from $7 to $4,370 per ‘coin’.

Seriously, adding bitcoin to your investment portfolio now is like buying Amazon shares back in 1997. And then watching your stake explode 56,820% over the next two decades!

The chance to buy Amazon shares at 1997 prices will never come around again.

And it’s the same with bitcoin. Laying down a small amount of money on a crypto today could rank as the smartest investment decision you’ll ever make.

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