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Next Mars Rover Will Land In 96-Mile-Wide Crater

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on July 25, 2011

First rich people will migrate to Mars. For their business, they start to take other people from the earth. So do not worry if you are not rich enough to migrate to Mars. When Mars will be polluted too much, by that time this earth will get better in their absence and they will migrate to the earth again  to live in better place and spoil the earth another time.

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China passenger train hits 300 mph, breaks record (Video)

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on December 3, 2010


BEIJING – A Chinese passenger train hit a record speed of 302 miles per hour (486 kilometers per hour) Friday during

AP – In this photo released by China's Xinhua news agency, a China Railway High-Speed (CRH) train enters Bengbu …

a test run of a yet-to-be opened link between Beijing and Shanghai, state media said.

The Xinhua News Agency said it was the fastest speed recorded by an unmodified conventional commercial train. Other types of trains in other countries have traveled faster.

A specially modified French TGV train reached 357.2 mph (574.8 kph) during a 2007 test, while a Japanese magnetically levitated train sped to 361 mph (581 kph) in 2003.

State television footage showed the sleek white train whipping past green farm fields in eastern China. It reached the top speed on a segment of the 824-mile (1,318-kilometer) -long line between Zaozhuang city in Shandong province and Bengbu city in Anhui province, Xinhua said.

[Rewind: Amtrack reveals vision for high speed rail]

The line is due to open in 2012 and will halve the current travel time between the capital Beijing and Shanghai to five hours.

The project costs $32.5 billion and is part of a massive government effort to link many of China’s cities by high-speed rail and reduce overcrowding on heavily used lines.

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Stuart Hameroff talks with Deepak Chopra on ” Where Is Consciousness?”

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on July 28, 2010

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Speaks Whatever You Type

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on May 27, 2010

This  one is real good and will amaze you. You type whatever in the left box  and then press "say it" button and she says what you have
typed and her  eyes will follow the pointer.  Enjoy !
You Type...She has far surpassed different  heights!!!  This is amazing. Try it and see!!  Turn up the volume.  She
will say anything you type!  When you move the mouse around,  her eyes follow the pointer.  When you
write something in the left  space and then click on 'Say it,' she says it!  You can  also change persons
doing the talking and the language they speak.

Technology! Wow !! 

Click here and enjoy it.

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