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World’s top figures in Nepali fashion deginer Prabal Gurung’s design outfit

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on July 13, 2015

Prabal Gurung a 37 years old Nepali designer has gained a great heights in world fashion industry market. Prabal Gurung is a son of Nepali parents and was born in Singapore and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal. He finished his high school education from St. Xavier’s School at Kathmandu and continued his designing career in New Delhi, India.

Now, Prabal Gurung is a very famous and outfits designed by him are used by most of the world’s top personalities including Michelle Obama, the first lady of United States of America. He had made his own brand in the market and his dresses are famous mostly for the celebrities around the world. Let’s see his out dresses covering the best figures in the world.


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The barrier between Childhood and Adulthood; Confronting Reality

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on July 13, 2015

By Aarya Pokhrel*

Arya PokhrelIn a small province located in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal, a young prince grew up, pampered with the pleasures of wealth and comfort. He was secure in his own safe haven within the Palace walls, oblivious to anything beyond the threshold of his rich home. But at one point in his early years of youth, he was aroused by a sudden desire to explore the village over which he was to reign one day. As he roamed around the streets with child-like energy in his feet, he came across something that stopped him short; a cripple man, whose face was distorted with the wrinkles of age, his hair a grey wiry mess. He wore filthy rags that were stained in sweat and his eyes held an expression unfamiliar to the young Prince; a look of immense pain and suffering. The young Prince walk on, still unable to remove the image of the crippled man in his mind. Soon, he came across a funeral procession where men and women alike sobbed in unbearable sorrow. He could only observe in astonishment as for the first time he felt pain, real, genuine pain. Read the rest of this entry »

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Strange World: West Australian woman finds baby’s dad after Gumtree ad

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on July 8, 2015


A West Australian woman who became pregnant after a one-night stand has managed to track down the child’s father – and find love – six months after posting an ad on Gumtree.

Bianca Fazey, 25, made national headlines in December last year when, heavily pregnant, she posted the ad looking for ‘Jeremy from Morley’.

Ms Fazey confirmed to 9 Stories she has since managed to find Jeremy and that the pair are now in a relationship.

But as she respects her new partner’s privacy, Ms Fazey declined to comment further. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mira Rai from Nepal has won the 80 KM Marathon in France (Video)

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on June 28, 2015

27th of June, 2015, Paris, France
Mira Rai, a former Maoist rebel 24 years old girl, from Nepal has won the 80 KM Marathon in France with the record of 12 hours 31 minutes 12 seconds, Anna Comet from Spain became the second with the record 12 hours 54 second and 55 second – after 23 minutes later. She ran with Nepalese Flag. Before this she won the 50 miles Marathon in Asian Sky-Running Ultra International Championship,Hong Kong and Ultra International in Italy.

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चालिस वर्ष आयु भएको सस्तो बाँसको घर, भूकम्प र अागाे प्रतिरोधी घरकाे मूल्य साढे तीन लाख रुपैयाँ

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on June 27, 2015

काठमाडौं । भूकम्पबाट घर ध्वस्त भएपछि धेरैले सस्तो घरको खोजी गरिरहेको अवस्थामा हिमालयन बेम्बोले बाँसबाट भूकम्प प्रतिरोधी घर बनाउने जनाएको छ । कम्पनीले मंगलबार पत्रकार सम्मेलन गरेर भूकम्प प्रभावितलाई लक्षित गरेर सस्तोमा बाँसको घर बनाउने जानकारी दिएको हो ।
‘हामीले १३ वर्षअघिदेखि बाँसको घर निर्माण गर्दै आएका थियौ । तर अहिले भूकम्प आएपछि यो घरको महत्व थप बढेको छ,’ कम्पनीका अध्यक्ष कुशकुमार जोशीले भने, ‘हामीले माटो र ढुंगाको घर बनाउँदा धेरै क्षति भयो । अहिलेपनि त्यस्तै घर बनिरहेको छ । त्यसैले हामीले सस्तोमा भूकम्प प्रतिरोधी घर निर्माण गर्छौ ।’ बाँसबाट निर्माण हुने घरको आयु ४० वर्षको हुनेछ ।

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Queen Elizabeth might have to leave crumbling Buckingham Palace

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on June 26, 2015

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth might have to move out of Buckingham Palace for an extended period under plans being considered to allow builders to carry out millions of pounds of repairs to the crumbling building.

The 300-year-old palace needs about 150 million pounds ($240 million) worth of work to fix the roofs and replace old wiring, ancient decorating and dated plumbing, a royal source said on Wednesday.

Although no decision is imminent as funding has yet to be agreed, the royals who use the palace as a London base, including the queen and some of her children, might have to move out as well if that is the most cost-effective solution.

“It is one of a number of potential options as we take forward the essential maintenance of the palace,” the royal source said.

If she does have to move out, the queen has several official residences to choose from, including Windsor Castle west of London, Sandringham House in Norfolk, Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh and Balmoral Castle further north in Scotland.

Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms including 52 royal and guest bedrooms and 188 bedrooms for staff. It was bought by King George III for his wife Queen Charlotte and has served as the official London residence of Britain’s monarchs since 1837.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth might have to move out of Buckingham Palace in order to repair the crumbling building.© REUTERS/Stefanie Loos Britain’s Queen Elizabeth might have to move out of Buckingham Palace in order to repair the crumbling building. Read the rest of this entry »

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How to Monitor Your Kid’s iPhone or Android Text Messages

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on June 21, 2015


Here’s some exciting news for parents looking to monitor their child’s text message activity. Child safety website TeenSafe has launched a new version of their app, which not only lets you view your child’s Facebook and Instagram activity, but also lets you read the text messages they send and receive on their Android or iPhone.

Better still, you can even read text messages that have been DELETED on the phone! Read the rest of this entry »

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These Countries Will Dominate the World – In 2050

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on June 21, 2015

By Lola Bailey

“By 2050, the collective size of the economies we currently deem ’emerging’ will have increased five-fold and will be larger than the developed world.” – HSBC Global Research

Times, they are a-changing. An economic report by HSBC has predicted a seismic shift in the structure of the global economy, with the economic centre of gravity shifting from the north Atlantic to central Asia – particularly China and India. If the predictions are true (and it must be said that economists are not known for agreeing with each other) the world will look very, very different indeed.

Through a complex but fascinating analysis of economic systems and infrastructure and serious number crunching, HSBC’s analysts’ economics prowess has projected the wealth of countries (GDP and per capita income) in 2050. You can read the full report: The World in 2050; Quantifying the Shift in the Global Economy here.

Read on to discover which countries will be the world’s richest – in 2050:

1. China

In 2050, China is expected to be the world’s richest, and probably the most powerful, economy, with a GDP of $24.62 trillion and a per capita income of $17,759. China’s income per capita will still only be roughly a third of that in the US so there is room for considerably more growth. On the minus side, it will no longer be the most populous place on earth – (spoiler alert) that honour will go to India.

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नेपाली भूमिमा तारबार गर्न भारतीय एसएसबीको अवरोध

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on June 20, 2015

काम अघि बढाए जे पनि हुने धम्की
कपिलवस्तु : कपिलवस्तुस्थित नेपाली भू–भागमा पर्ने गुगौली गाविस-३ वीरनगर भाठामा वन कार्यालयले थालेको तारबार गर्ने काममा भारतीय एसएसबीले जबर्जस्ती रोकेको छ ।

Indian female paramilitary soldiers stand guard near the border with Nepal ahead of third phase polls, at Panitanki village, about 40 km (25 miles) north of the eastern Indian city of Siliguri April 28, 2009. The India-Nepal and India-Bangladesh border will remain sealed from 28 April evening to 30 April, Siliguri's sub-divisional officer said on Tuesday. REUTERS/Rupak De Chowdhuri (INDIA MILITARY POLITICS ELECTIONS)

अतिक्रमित जग्गा खाली गराई गत जेठ २६ गतेदेखि सुरु गरिएको तारबार भारतीय एसएसबीको अवरोधका कारण शनिबारदेखि रोकिएको हो । गौतमबुद्ध साझेदारी वनको अगुवाइमा ९ दशमलव ८ हेक्टर अतिक्रमित वन क्षेत्र खाली गराइएको थियो । त्यहाँ वृक्षरोपण गर्ने योजना छ ।

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Reality starlet weds Swedish prince

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on June 14, 2015

Sweden's Prince Carl Philip sits with his bride, Sofia Hellqvist in a carriage, after their wedding ceremony, in Stockholm, Sweden.

Sweden’s Prince Carl Philip sits with his bride, Sofia Hellqvist in a carriage, after their wedding ceremony, in Stockholm, Sweden.

Hundreds of Swedes gathered in the hot summer sun on Saturday to watch former reality show starlet Sofia Hellqvist become a real-life princess when she marries Prince Carl Philip in a lavish Stockholm wedding.

Royal watchers clutching blue and yellow national flags pitched rugs and deck chairs along the route that the newly weds will take after exchanging vows and before returning to the palace for a 21-gun salute and wedding banquet.

About 550 guests will attend the ceremony including Britain’s Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex and Princess Takamado of Japan.   Read the rest of this entry »

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Earthquake Resistance City (ERC) at Harisiddhi – A Model to Inspire the Entire Nation

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on June 13, 2015

By Tej Kumar Karki

Recent disaster has taught us that earthquake resistance should be the front and center of city planning principles in Nepal.

Source: Piya, Birendra (2004)

Source: Piya, Birendra (2004)

For many years, it will remain like that (hope the thrust and seriousness would not fade with time).



Since most of the Kathmandu city area are congested and mostly built by violating bylaws–are in the verge of collapse by future quakes. We have to correct that and it will take time. Read the rest of this entry »

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World’s longest glass bridge set to open in China next year

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on June 13, 2015

An artist's concept of people walking across the glass bridge high above the Zhangjiajie canyon in China
In a bid to attract more tourists to the region, Hunan Province in China has commissioned the architectural firm of Haim Dotan to produce a completely transparent glass bridge spanning 370 m (1,214 ft) across the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon. Dizzyingly high at about 400 m (1,312 ft) above the canyon floor, the span is claimed to be capable of holding up to 800 people at a time.

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लिपुलेक विवादः भारत र चीनको हेपाहा प्रवृति कि नेपालको असफल कुटनीति ?

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on June 6, 2015

[अहिलेको अत्यन्तै सान्दर्भिक बिषयबस्तु भएकोले सीमाबिद बुद्धिनारायण श्रेष्ठको सामग्री जानकारीको लागि साभार गरिएको छ ।]

नेपालको नापी विभागले प्रकाशन गरेको नक्सामा लिपुलेक नेपालमा पर्छ भनि देखाएको छ । नेपालका अरु निकायहरुले पनि लिपुलेक नेपालमा पर्छ भनि नक्सासहित देखाएका छन् । तर भारतीय प्रधानमन्त्रीले नेपाललाई एकपटक पनि नसोधीकन भारतले आफ्नै जमिन हो जस्तो भनि गरेर सम्झौतापत्रमा हस्ताक्षर गरेर आउनु भएको छ । यद्यपि, लिपुलेकबारे चीनले कुनै दावी गरेको थिएन । बरु चीनले कालापानी क्षेत्रको लिपुलेक नेपालकै हो भनि भन्दै आइरहेका थिए । २०५६ भदौ १८ गते नेपालका लागि तत्कालिन राजदूतले रिपोटर्स क्लवामा बोल्दा होस् या सन् १९६१ मा नेपाल र चीनको बीच सीमा सम्पन्न सम्झौतामा होस् । त्यो सम्झौतमा नेपाल, भारत र चीनको बीचमा त्रिदेशिए सीमालाई लिपुलेक भज्याङ्गको रुपमा कायम गरिएको थियो । जसअनुसार कालापानी नेपालभित्रै पर्छ । उक्त सम्झौतामा महाकालीको उद्गम लिपुवाधुरासम्म रहेको कुरा प्रष्ट गरेको छ । कालीपानी नेपालकै हो । लिपुलेक नेपालकै हो तर अहिले आएर चीनले पनि वेवास्ता गरेको छ । 

२०७१ साल आसार ३ गते सशस्त्र प्रहरी बलले गृहमन्त्रालयलाई एक प्रतिवेदन बुझाएको छ । नेपालतर्फबाट २४ ठाउँमा दशगज्जा मिचिएको र भारततर्फबाट ६० ठाउँमा दशगज्जा मिचिएको प्रतिवेदनमा उल्लेख छ । तर जसरी भारतले दशगज्जाभन्दा बाहिर गएर नेपालको जग्गा मिचेको छ त्यसरी नेपालले कुनै ठाउँमा मिचेको छैन । 

सीमाबिद बुद्धिनारायण श्रेष्ठ

Buddhi Narayanनेपाल भूकम्पको पीडामा छ । यसैबेलामा भारत र चीनले नेपाललाई अर्को पीडा दिएको छ । भारतीय प्रधानमन्त्री नरेन्द्र मोदीको चीन भ्रमणको अन्तिम दिन भारत र चीनबीच सम्झौतापत्रमा हस्ताक्षर भयो । त्यो सम्झौता पत्रको २४ औं नम्बर बुँदामा नेपालको भूभाग लिपुलेक हुँदै व्यापारिक प्रयोजनका निम्ति मार्ग खोल्ने सम्झौता भएको छ । यसले नेपालको राजनीतिमा ठूलो तरङ्ग ल्याएको छ । कालापानीसँग भारतले लिपुलेक क्षेत्रमा पनि कब्जामा लिएको छ । विवादस्पद क्षेत्र हो भन्ने कुरा भारतले पनि स्वीकार गरेका छन् । विवादमा हुँदा हुँदै त्यसलाई मार्गको रुपमा प्रयोग गर्ने चीनसँग सम्झौता गर्ने त्यो अर्को विवादस्पद कुरा भयो । यसको बारेमा नेपाल सरकार ठोस रुपमा आगाडि आएको छैन । कुटनीतिक रुपमै पहल गरेर यसलाई समाधान गर्नुपर्नेमा सरकारले ढिलाई गरिरहेको छ ।

लिपुलेक के हो ?

नेपाल र भारतबीच अहिलेसम्म विवादमा रहेका नेपालको भूमि कालापानी लिम्पियाधुरा क्षेत्रमा लिपुलेक पर्दछ । लिम्पुवाधुरा पश्चिम क्षेत्रतर्फ पर्दछ भने त्यसको पूर्वतर्फ लिपुलेक पर्दछ । लिपुलेक एउटा भज्याङ्ग हो । ठूला–ठूला पहाडको खोँचमा यो भज्याङ्ग पर्दछ । जुन लिपुलेक भज्याङ्गको बाटो भएर नेपाल र भारतका तीर्थयात्रीहरु मानसरोवरको यात्रा गर्न जान्छन् । त्यस्तै चीनको ठूलो मुख्य बजार ताक्लाकोट बजार जानलाई पनि यही लिपुलेककै बाटो भएर जानुपर्ने हुन्छ ।


त्यो लिपुलेक भज्याङकै नजिकबाट एउटा नदी निस्केको छ । त्यसलाई कसैले काली नदी भन्ने गरेका छन् भने कसैले नामै नभएका नदी भन्छन् । लिपुलेक भज्याङ् हुँदै नदी उम्रेर पश्चिम हुँदै दक्षिणतर्फ आएर हाम्रो महाकाली नदीमा मिसिएको छ । सुगौलीसन्धीले हाम्रो नेपालको सिमाना महाकाली नदीलाई तोकेको छ । तर यहाँ महाकाली नदीको उद्गम कहाँ हो भने कुरा नेपाल र भारतको बीचमा विवाद देखिएको छ । पुराना नक्सा, दस्तावेजहरुमा हेर्दाखेरि एकदम पश्चिमतर्फको लिपुलेकमा निस्केको ठूला नदीलाई कालीनदी भनेर उल्लेख भएको छ । त्यसपछि बनेका नक्साहरुमा लिपुलेक भज्याङ्गको नजिकैबाट उद्गम भएको नदीलाई कालीनदी भनिन्छ । त्यसको पूर्वतर्फ (नेपालतर्फ) एउटा कालीको मन्दिर बनाइएको छ । सानोखोलो उद्गम भएको छ र त्यसलाई कालीनदी भनिएको छ । Read the rest of this entry »

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Former refugee crowned Miss Universe Australia at Sydney finale (Video)

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on June 6, 2015

A former Bosnian refugee and psychology graduate has been crowned Miss Universe Australia in the glamorous final showdown in Sydney overnight.

Monika Radulovic, 24, from NSW said she was “overwhelmed” after taking out the title, News Corp has reported.

“I’m just excited to show the world and Australia how great we are,” she said.

“It’s been a while since we won Miss Universe, and I plan to hopefully win.”

Monika Radulovic

© Scott Barbour/Getty Images Monika Radulovic of New South Wales celebrates after being crowned Miss Universe Australia 2015.
Miss Radulovic’s family fled to Australia as refugees from the Balkan conflict when she was four. Read the rest of this entry »

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BBC apologises after journalist tweeted queen’s ‘death’

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on June 4, 2015

QEThe BBC has apologised and launched an internal ahmenkhwaja_spinquiry after a tweet sent from the account of one of its producers said Queen Elizabeth II had died, during a test of coverage for a royal death.

The first of a series of tweets was sent from the account of broadcast reporter Ahmen Khawaja around 9:30am (local time), and said: “BREAKING: Queen Elizabeth is being treated at King Edward 7th Hospital in London. Statement due shortly”.

Ms Khawaja then added: “Queen Elizabrth (sic) has died,” according to a screen shot published by British media.

The tweets sparked a storm on social networks and the rumours about the Queen’s health were picked up by numerous international media outlets.

Ms Khawaja, a producer for BBC’s Urdu-language service, apologised immediately for the “false alarm” and deleted the messages, saying: “Phone left unattended at home. Silly prank, Apologies for upsetting anyone!”.

The tweets were swiftly deleted and we apologise for any offence.

BBC statement

The corporation later announced it had launched an investigation as part of its disciplinary process. Read the rest of this entry »

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