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Time ripe for signing a new Nepal-China Treaty of Peace and Friendship

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on May 7, 2013

news_579416435[Nepal initiated an important proposal since 1993 that Buddha should be declared as “Light of the Universe” in place of ‘Light of Asia’ only. Dr. Bishnu Hari Nepal, former Vigya Member, Foreign Policy Draft Sub-committee, Legislative Parliament of Nepal, is strongly advocating it in the international level. International Relations and Human Rights Committee of the dissolved Legislative Parliament of Nepal had unanimously passed the vision making it a part of the campaign of the Nepalese Foreign Policy. This article is based on that concept.]
Professor Dr. Bishnu Hari Nepal
Buddha: The light of Universe

obama-buddhax-largeAfter going through the book, as a normal reader, I got an impression that Nepal that time, through her Great Son of the Soil, Buddha —the enlightened one, was able to contribute a great and influential philosophy with its impact on the pattern of life of the people -to our today’s great neighbors India and China in particular, Asia and the world in general. I remember the kind words from the great Buddhist philosopher of the 21st century, poet laureate of Japan, global peace initiator and President of Soka Gakai International (SGI) Daisaku Ikeda during our meeting in 1995 in Tokyo, “Japan was indebted to Nepal for their present culture, civilization, way of life, behavioral patterns, and thinking and even to the visionary approaches”. He had also added that it was through the flow of Buddhism -the enlightenment of the ancient Himalayan civilization. In response, I had said, “It is now — just the reverse- you are promoting peace and philosophy of Buddhism from the Far East to the West”. He had laughed.

Clinton with BuddhaTo my satisfaction now Nepal China Society has done a credible job adding a brick in enhancing Nepal’s deep cultural ties with China and the world. Japan’s case, Buddhism started perhaps only from the sixth century via China and Korea.

On the contrary, the case of China, Buddhism entered to this country crossing the mighty Himalayas, through the Silk Road. The authors in this book argue that this was during the 1st or 2nd century CE. As a normal materialist Nepali thinker of the 21 st century, it gives me a sense of great pride and inspiration, and also impression to be looking for a second child of Buddha’s and Araniko’s repute for the 21st century Nepal. Specially, on the political grounds, today’s Nepal badly needs it!

For me Buddhism is a philosophy directly related to the way of life of the people. As a matter of fact, it was a materialist theory, alternative to the then existing religions. But during the course of time, Buddha being too much popular by his deeds, people started regarding Buddha himself as God and Buddhism as a religion. Hindus also took the opportunity and made him the incarnation of Vishnu! I do not believe in such superstitions. I believe in the strong scientific fact of explorations that he was the Prince of Lumbini-Kapilvastu of Nepal. But I respect the beliefs of the people. Read the rest of this entry »

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Arniko, the Great Architect From Nepal

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on September 27, 2011

Nepal’s temples, stupas, and many more structures are examples of this nation being a former leader in architecture. 

Today’s generation sees Nepal as a poor country lacking high-tech and engineering skills. But Nepal’s past shows skilled manpower and a highly developed society. One example of this skilled manpower is Arniko, the greatest architect of Nepalese history.

Arniko was forced to live in China, where he drew great respect. He made lots of sculptural works which are still a great asset of China.

Nepalese author Satya Mohan Joshi who has researched Arniko said his works in China are really a great challenge to modern engineering. The works he did in the 13th century are unbelievable.

Nepalese history doesn’t have any proof of where in Nepal Arniko grew up. But Joshi claims Arniko was from Patan, a famous place for sculpture.

Many Nepali architects made statues of special historical importance. However, Arniko was the only one who became famous not only in Nepal but also in Tibet, China, Mongolia and as far as Indonesia.

During Arniko’s time, renowned Mongol emperor Kublai Khan was a great lover of art and architecture.

He wanted to build a golden stupa (a Buddhist shrine) in Lhasa for his teacher Pags-pa. In 1260, he decided to ask Nepal to send a skilled architect to supervise the work.  Read the rest of this entry »

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