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Scientists ’95% Sure’ Bigfoot Lives in Russian Tundra

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on June 15, 2012

Getty Images

The Legend of Bigfoot roadside attraction outside Richardson Grove State Park in California

Scientists and yeti enthusiasts believe there may finally be solid evidence that the apelike creature roams the vast Siberian tundra, reports the Guardian.

A team of a dozen-plus experts from as far afield as Canada and Sweden have proclaimed themselves 95% certain of the mythical animal’s existence after a daylong conference in the town of Tashtagol in the Kemerovo region, some 2,000 miles east of Moscow. In recent years, locals there have reported sightings of the yeti, also known as the abominable snowman.

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The Kemerovo government announced on Oct. 10 that a two-day expedition the previous weekend to the region’s Azassky cave and Karatag peak “collected irrefutable evidence” of yetis’ existence on the wintry plateau.

“Conference participants came to the conclusion that the artifacts found give 95% evidence of the habitation of the ‘snow man’ on Kemerovo region territory,” read a statement. “In one of the detected tracks, Russian scientist Anatoly Fokin noted several hairs that might belong to the yeti,” it added. The group also discovered footprints, a presumed bed and various other markers. Read the rest of this entry »

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Buried Treasure: World War II Spitfires to Be Unearthed in Burma

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 23, 2012

Paging Indiana Jones: a British farmer’s 15-year quest to find a squadron of legendary fighter planes buried in a far-off land has finally paid off
Michael Dunning/Getty Images

Spitfire aircraft in flight

It’s like something out of an Indiana Jones film, if you take away the religious overtones and ophidiophobic adventurer. After 15 years, a British farmer’s quest to find a squadron of legendary fighter planes lost in Burma during World War II has finally paid off.

Lincolnshire farmer David Cundall, 62, has spent about $207,000, traveled to Burma a dozen times and negotiated with the cagey Burmese government, all in the hopes of finding a stash of iconic British Spitfires buried somewhere in the Southeast Asian country.

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Buried planes? It sounds odd, but in fact this was fairly common toward the end of the war; as the conflict wound down and jet aircraft promised to make propeller-driven fighters obsolete, many aircraft were scrapped, buried or sunk by Allied Forces in order to prevent them from falling into enemy hands.

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Cundall started his search after his friend heard from a group of U.S. veterans that they had stashed Spitfires in the region. “We’ve done some pretty silly things in our time, but the silliest was burying Spitfires,” the veterans said. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dead Man Walking: South African Man Wakes Up in Morgue

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 14, 2012

Jeffrey Coolidge / Getty Images


What a nightmare.

After a South African man stirred from a 21-hour slumber, he found himself in a morgue fridge, screamed for help and later asked the undertakers who pulled him out, “How did I get here?”

Good question. After the man, whose identity has not been released, suffered an asthma attack, he was presumed dead by family members and a local undertaker in a rural village in the Eastern Cape, the Associated Press reports.

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Clearly, the man’s extended shut-eye was of the living variety, as he awoke a full day later on a corpse trolley. Yet morgue owner Ayanda Maqolo, who had examined the “corpse” by checking for a pulse and searching for a heartbeat, told the AP, “There was nothing.”

The undead man was zipped up in a body bag and locked in a refrigerated compartment for one day before morgue staffers heard him shouting from his icy quarters. The staffers were terrified that the voice was a ghost and fled the building. “I couldn’t believe it!” said Maqolo. “I was also scared.” After they returned and called the police, they entered the fridge to find the man, a grandfather, alive, though shivering and shaken. Read the rest of this entry »

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You Can Own an Entire French Village for $440,000

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on February 26, 2012

Billy Hustace / Photographer's Choice / Getty Images


Talk about a deal. French authorities are selling an entire village, Courbefy, at an all-inclusive price of about $440,000 (€330,000), according to Reuters.

Judicial officials in neighboring Limoges are selling the ghost town, which is located in the central region of France, and giving bidders until Friday to submit offers. The package includes the village, tennis courts, a swimming pool and 19 buildings. A bidder has yet to come forward, reports say.

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According to a court ruling, if there are no buyers by Friday’s deadline, the town will fall into the hands of Credit Agricole bank. “We couldn’t buy Courbefy back because it’s too big an investment for us,” said Bernard Guilhem, mayor of the surrounding area, Saint-Nicolas-Courbefy. “This totally abandoned village breaks our hearts and we hope Credit Agricole will arrange something there again,” he told Reuters. Read the rest of this entry »

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