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Blair To Be Criticised By Iraq War Inquiry

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on July 31, 2011

Tony Blair already faced inquiries, however; Bush never faced. What could be the reason?
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Power Play: How the Childish Behavior of Top Politicians Shapes the World

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on June 13, 2011

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Democracy is an exercise in adulthood. We don’t want our elected leaders to style themselves, as despots so often do, the fathers of our nations, but we assume them to be responsible grown-ups, focused on carrying out the mandates we have granted them. It’s a nice idea. Unfortunately the more we find out about our political masters—and in this twittery, wittering, wikileaking world, scarcely a day goes by without a politician being exposed or exposing himself—the more we are forced to confront the unpalatable truth. Our politicians really do represent us—in all our fallibility. And while most official histories are narratives of great men (and more occasionally great women) making big decisions, the real histories look rather different. Principle plays a part but so does spite. Childish feuding is a potent force in public life.

Documents published on June 10 by Britain’s Daily Telegraph show that force in action in 2005 as Chancellor Gordon Brown and his supporters worked to oust the newly re-elected Prime Minister Tony Blair. At first glance, there’s nothing hugely revelatory about the letters and memos. That there was a poisonous rivalry between the Labour Party’s two most powerful men has been acknowledged even by the key players themselves. In his autobiography, A Journey, Blair reveals the deterioration in their relationship as Brown realizes Blair is in no hurry to honor a pact struck in 1994, three years before Blair’s first electoral victory, that at some point Blair would make way for Brown to become premier. By 2007, as Blair finally prepares to hand over power, after enduring Brown’s “venomous” moods and a campaign of internal opposition by Brown’s lieutenants, he gives this cold-eyed assessment of his one-time friend: Brown, opines Blair, lacks the intuitive skills that are so important in politics; he has “Political calculation, yes. Political feelings, no. Analytical intelligence, absolutely. Emotional intelligence, zero.” Read the rest of this entry »

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