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The barrier between Childhood and Adulthood; Confronting Reality

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on July 13, 2015

By Aarya Pokhrel*

Arya PokhrelIn a small province located in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal, a young prince grew up, pampered with the pleasures of wealth and comfort. He was secure in his own safe haven within the Palace walls, oblivious to anything beyond the threshold of his rich home. But at one point in his early years of youth, he was aroused by a sudden desire to explore the village over which he was to reign one day. As he roamed around the streets with child-like energy in his feet, he came across something that stopped him short; a cripple man, whose face was distorted with the wrinkles of age, his hair a grey wiry mess. He wore filthy rags that were stained in sweat and his eyes held an expression unfamiliar to the young Prince; a look of immense pain and suffering. The young Prince walk on, still unable to remove the image of the crippled man in his mind. Soon, he came across a funeral procession where men and women alike sobbed in unbearable sorrow. He could only observe in astonishment as for the first time he felt pain, real, genuine pain. Read the rest of this entry »

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