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Lonesome George Dead: Last-Of-His-Kind Galapagos Tortoise Dies At 100

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on June 25, 2012

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Lonesome George Dead

In this July 21, 2008 file photo released by Galapagos National Park, a giant tortoise named “Lonesome George” is seen in the Galapagos islands, an archipelago off Ecuador’s Pacific coast. (AP Photo/Galapagos National Park, File)

* Giant tortoise, 100 years old, was a symbol of the Galapagos

* Galapagos park may decide to embalm his body

By Alexandra Valencia and Eduardo Garcia

QUITO, June 24 (Reuters) – Lonesome George, the last remaining tortoise of his kind and a conservation icon, died on Sunday of unknown causes, the Galapagos National Park said. He was thought to be about 100 years old. Read the rest of this entry »

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David Cameron Snubs Argentina President Over Falklands Letter

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on June 20, 2012

Cristina Fernandez De Kirchner

President de Kirchner tried to give David Cameron a letter over the Falklands

David Cameron has refused to accept a letter from the Argentinian president over the country’s claim to the Falkland Islands.

The prime minister spoke to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner before the first session of the G20 summit on Tuesday, telling her that she should “respect the views” of the islanders who are holding a referendum on control.

Ms de Kirchner attempted to hand Mr Cameron a package marked “UN – Malvinas” but the Prime Minister refused to accept it.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Falklands conflict which resulted in a task force being sent to the south Atlantic to successfully reclaim the islands after the Argentinian military junta had invaded the British-held territory.

Britain has rejected calls made by Ms Kirchner to the UN decolonisation committee last week for direct talks to discuss the future of the disputed territory in the south Atlantic.

Downing Street aides said the Prime Minister sought out Ms Kirchner to make Britain’s position on the Falklands clear.

Mr Cameron said: “I am not proposing a full discussion now on the Falklands but I hope you have noted that they are holding a referendum and you should respect their views. Read the rest of this entry »

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Falklands Anniversary: Argentinian President Attacks ‘Absurd’ Britain

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 2, 2012

As US and UK spending billions and billions dollars in war, these two countries soon could be very back from some other countries like Russia, China, Japan etc. How these two countries analyzing the situation, no idea:

Argentina’s president has condemned Britain’s “ridiculous and absurd” stance on the Falkland Island as ceremonies were held to mark the 30th annoversary of the conflict.

Leading her country’s commemorations of the conflict, which cost the lives of 649 Argentines, Christina Fernandez de Kirchner called for talks on ending the “unjust” situation – something London has ruled out for as long as no change is demanded by the islanders themselves.

de Kirchner was talking as the anniversary of the invasion of the Islands was marked by both war widows’ prayers and a renewed push by Argentina for control of the territory. In a speech that illustrated how the diplomatic battle showed no signs of abating, she attacked the UK’s “colonial” ambitions, saying:

“It is unjust that, in the 21st century, there are still colonial enclaves such as the one we have here a few kilometres away. There are only 16 such colonial enclaves in the world, 10 of which are British.”

Meanwhile, Mr Cameron who, like Ms Kirchner, included the enemy dead in his anniversary message, insisted Britain was no less committed now to than in 1982 to protecting the right to self-determination. Read the rest of this entry »

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Falkland Islands Anniversary: Argentina Demands Handover Of ‘Las Malvinas’ 30 Years After War

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 2, 2012

USHUAIA, Argentina — President Cristina Fernandez’s campaign to force Britain to hand over the Falkland Islands may have reached its high point with Monday’s 30th anniversary of Argentina’s failed occupation of the remote South Atlantic archipelago.

Fernandez prepared to lead hundreds of patriotic rallies nationwide with another major speech urging Britain to concede sovereignty of the islands Latin Americans know as “Las Malvinas.”

Leftists, meanwhile, called for a march on the British embassy in Buenos Aires. Nobel Peace Prize winners accused Britain of militarizing the islands, and union leaders were celebrating their boycott of British cargo and cruise ships. In recent weeks, her Cabinet ministers have urged companies to find alternatives to British imports and threatened to take British investors in the islands to court. Other Latin American countries have closed ranks around Argentina as well.

But none of these moves seem to be bringing Argentina any closer to recovering the islands, which it claims British forces stole from them in 1833 and ran as a colony for 150 years.

Britain says there is nothing to negotiate: The islands are now a self-governing British Overseas Territory and the people who have lived there for generations will determine their own fate. The islanders themselves overwhelmingly say they want to remain British. Read the rest of this entry »

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