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Six-Legged Baby Has Four Limbs Amputated After Successful Surgery In Karachi, Pakistan (PICTURES)

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 21, 2012

By Sara C Nelson

A baby has had four of the six legs he was born with successfully removed, surgeons have announced.

The little boy, born in Sukkur, a city in Sindh Province earlier this month, underwent eight hours of surgery at Pakistan’s National Institute of Child Health (NICH), in Karachi.

On Thursday Dr Jamal Raza announced the operation had been a success. He told a press conference the extra limbs had been the result of a genetic disease which affects just one in a million babies.

There had been speculation the child’s condition was due to the presence of a conjoined twin.

Six-Legged Baby Born In Pakistan, ‘Could Be Conjoined Twins’ (PICTURES) Read the rest of this entry »

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