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Laxmi Jayanti: Laxmi Prasad Devkota

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on November 13, 2012

Laxmi Prasad Devkota (November 12, 1909 – September 14, 1959), was a Nepali poet. Devkota is considered to be one of the most prolific and gifted writers in Nepali Literature. He has been given the title of “Maha Kavi,” (“The Great Poet”) of Nepal.

Devkota was the third son of Pandit Til Madhav and Amar Rajya Laxmi Devi. He was born in Dilli BazarKathmandu on the day of Dipawali, the Festival of Lights, which is a celebration of Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth. His name literally means a gift “Prasad” from the goddess of wealth “Laxmi”. His family was never financially well-off.

Devkota studied science at Tri Chandra College in Kathmandu. After completing the intermediate level studies at Tri Chandra College, he enrolled in Humanities and that was when he began to read English poetry. In 1931, Devkota went to Patna on scholarship hoping to study English for his Master’s degree. But because seats were not available as expected, he enrolled for the Bachelor of Law degree instead. After he received the degree, he returned back home and started to live the family life. Despite taking tuition classes to supplement his earning, sometimes for fourteen hours a day, financial problems never left him.

Devkota lost his both of his parents and his very young daughter within a span of two years during mid 1930’s. He fell into a depression and became a chain smoker. In 1939, his brothers put him into a mental hospital in Ranchi, India for five months. He makes references to his experience in the lunatic asylum in his famous free-verse poem पागल (“The Lunatic”). After he returned to Nepal, he worked as a part of Nepal Bhasanuwad Parishad, a state organization that acted as a censorship board, and also taught at Tribhuwan University. He wrote several of his epic poetry during this time. In late 40’s, dissatisfied with the Rana regime, he went into a self-imposed exile in Benaras, India, where he edited Yugbani, an opposition journal. 

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Personality: Janak Sapkota – Poet Internationally Recognized but Shadowed in the Motherland

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on July 6, 2012

[ Janak Sapkota is from Nepal, currently a postgraduate science student in Finland. He has published Lights Along the Road, a collection of haiku co-authored with the American poet Suzy Conway. He won the Smurfit Samhain International Haiku Prize 2006 and the Seventh Annual Ukia Haiku Competition 2009. While on a writing residency at Cló Cheardlann na gCnoc, Donegal, Ireland, he published Full Moon, a limited edition haiku with Irish- language translations by Gabriel Rosenstock and images by Danielle Creenaune. He is, therefore, an internationally recognized poet, however; shadowed in his own motherland and this is just an attempt to bring him among Nepali community]


“A young Nepalese contemplative poet with a prodigious talent for writing haiku, is a visionary mediator between the self and the spirit. In his haiku of radiant light and rare insights he marvels at the mystery. He is attentive both to the World and to the word. He is truly alive to the awe, to the awesomeness of the creation.”

He has published Lights Along the Road (Bamboo Press, 2005), a collection of haiku co-authored with the American poet Suzy Conway. He won the Smurfit Samhain International Haiku Prize 2006 and the Seventh Annual Ukia Haiku Competition 2009. While on a writing residency at Cló Ceardlann na gCnoc, Ireland, he published Full Moon (Cló, 2010), a limited edition of his haiku with Irish language translations by Gabriel Rosenstock and images by Danielle Creenaune.

His haiku have appeared internationally in journals, magazines and newspapers such as The SHOp, Shamrock, Lishanu, Fri Haiku and Notes from the Gean. His recent collections include Whisper of Pines (Original Writing, 2012) a bilingual English-Irish edition with Gabriel Rosenstock and A Firefly Lights the Page (SanaSato, Finland, 2012), a bilingual English-Finnish edition by Arto Lappi. Read the rest of this entry »

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Bhanu Jayanti: Poetry recitation via Skype

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on July 16, 2011


ABERDEEN: The Organisation for Nepalis Culture and Welfare (ONCW) at Aberdeen, Scotland organised a poetry recitation programme through Skype on July 13. Poets from eight different countries recited their poem via Skype at the event organised to mark the 198th birth anniversary of Aadikavi Bhanu Bhakta Acharya.

According to a press release issued by the organisers, Byakul Maila, the creator of Nepali national anthem recited his poem via Skype live from Nepal. Meanwhile renowned Irish poet Kayal O’ Cerkayal recited poems of Nepali poet Bhupi Sherchan in Nepali, English and Irish. The press release quotes Cerkayal, “The literary works of Bhanu Bhakta, Laxmi Prasad Devkota, Gopal Prasad Rimal and Parijat should be promoted at the international level.”

Dr Kavita Ram Shrestha, Ram Kumar Shrestha and Durga Pokharel from Britain, Sailendra Sakar, Gyanendra Gadal, Gita Khatri and Puranaghare from America, Madhu Madhurya from Russia, Jagat Navodit from Italy, Brejesh Gautam from Denmark and Bishwodeep Tigela from Brunei were other poets who recited poems via Skype. Dipesh Regmi, the president of ONCW committed to promote the Nepali art, culture and literature in coming days as well. The programme that continued for almost three hours was screened using a projector.

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We Nepalis

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on November 6, 2010

by  Mahakavi[1]Laxmi Prasad Devakota

[Translation by: David Ravin]

We are the children of Aurora,
Offspring of Asia‘s reawakened age,
Sons of the Hiamlayas we crave,
To climb the peaks wreathed with the golden rays.
We are the products of the Buddha’s soil
The honey-sweet playmates of Janaki, the flower of our earth,
We are the effulgence of the fingers of Araniko,
And the ripe harvest of Prithvinarayana.
We are the golden dreams of Tribhuvana.
We are Mahendra’s garden rich in flowering shrubs,
We are the rivals of the tiger,
And the sentinels of democracy.
We are the still small voice of humanity’s dove,
With the Danphe’s prismatic plumes of fancy,
We are the scented breath of the Himalayan flowers that grow
out of the dust of the sages that lie in their long silence.
We are the songsters of the luxuriant wilds
That trill and warble love upon the leafy boughs of the world,
We are the mountain temples, of humanity,
We are the liberal liquefaction of the Himalaya‘s snow-breast
that nourishes the life of India in network of serpentine rills.
We are the prophetic angels of the east,
That dwell in the dominion of the first sun-beam.
We are the partners of this round home, this terrestrial sphere,
Partaking of a single plate.
We are the worshippers of self sacrifice,
We are the citizens of the world.

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