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You Say You Wanna Bomb Iran? Take a Number and Stand in Line

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on November 3, 2011


Yes, you heard right: Britain  is preparing to bomb Iran. Well, that’s if the latest reported leaks from the British government are to be believed. The Guardian — not known, like some of its British rivals are, for frequent breathless front-page claims of imminent military strikes on Iran — reported Wednesday that Britain’s Defense Ministry has stepped up plans for military action against Iran. Not that the Brits would kick things off, of course; their contingency planning is ostensibly geared towards playing a largely symbolic support role (think “Coalition of the Willing”)  should the Obama Administration “decide to fast-forward plans for targeted missile strikes at some key Iranian facilities.”

Beneath the attention-grabbing headline, the story is a familiar one:  British officials believe that while President Barack Obama “has no wish to embark on a new and provocative military venture before next November’s U.S. election … the calculus could change because of mounting anxiety over intelligence gathered by Western agencies, and the more belligerent posture that Iran appears to have been taking.”

The Guardian’s sources create the impression of dramatic new developments and a ticking clock, although the consensus among the  world’s intelligence agencies that Iran remains some years away from having  nuclear weapons, and has not yet decided to actually build them even though it is assembling the means to do so. But the alarmist messaging certainly jibes with an Israeli diplomatic campaign launched to persuade reluctant governments to impose tough new sanctions on Iran if they hope to avoid a potentially catastrophic war. Israel underscored the point, Wednesday, announcing it had successfully tested a missile capable of reaching Iran — at the same time as Israeli papers were filled with stories claiming that  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is seeking cabinet approval for bombing Iran. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pentagon Says ‘Mystery Missile’ Was a Plane

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on November 10, 2010

Pentagon Doesn’t Know Which Plane Caused Contrails, But Says Case Is Closed


The Pentagon has concluded today that the “mystery missile” contrail that startled the country and baffled the

The U.S. Defense Department said Tuesday it was trying to determine if a missile was launched Monday off the coast of Southern California and, if so, who might have fired it. (ABC News

Pentagon was caused by a plane and, as far as they’re concerned the case is closed.

While the plane has not been identified, military officials made it clear they are not interested in tracking down the aircraft responsible for a visual that sparked worldwide interest.

“With all the information that we have gathered over the last day and a half about this condensation trail (contrail) off the coast of southern California on Monday night, both within the Department of Defense and other U.S. government agencies, we have no evidence to suggest that this was anything other than a contrail caused by an aircraft,” Pentagon spokesman Col. David Lapan said.

Lapan said the determination was based on a combination of factors such as “looking at that video and having people determine what the likely cause was…this is how these conditions cause contrails to appear this way, and making sure it wasn’t one of our missiles.”

The colonel said it took the Pentagon several days to determine the cause of the contrail because, “It’s a matter of running down those different leads and talking to those different agencies.” Read the rest of this entry »

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