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Hurricane Irene: Readiness and Safety

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on August 27, 2011

WILMINGTON, N.C. — Hurricane Irene began lashing the North Carolina shore on Saturday, foreshadowing with brutal authority what is to come as this vast storm, its most forceful winds stretching outward for 90 miles, churned north toward New York.

It would be very bad if we hit like how news media saying! be alert. Here some safety measures:

First off, the hurricane will probably not be as bad as the news makes it out to be and for most of us will more likely be an interesting and exciting day. However, it currently looks like it will hit NYC as a type 2 hurricane, which is stronger than was originally thought, so you do need to be cautious.

There will probably some power outages and depending on the extent of the outages, it could take several hours to get it back up.

The MTA has already said that it will be halting all service and expects that there will be some damage due to flooding. So… it may be some time before it is all up and running again. Currently the scheduled shut down for all MTA services is Noon on Saturday.

The real danger is from flying objects (such as lawn furniture or wind chimes) that the wind picks up and whips around. So of course you should stay indoors.

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