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Costa Concordia: Dramatic New Pictures From The Night The Cruise Liner Sank

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on January 26, 2012

Some of the first dramatic images depicting the last moments of the Costa Concordia have been caught on film, showing the stricken liner and lifeboats scattered in the black water.

Since the ship struck rocks off the island of Giglio,pictures of the sinking ship the Costa Concordia have been seen on news sites around the world, showing the liner semi-submerged in the surrounding sea.

However these are among the first pictures to show the cruise liner in the early hours of the tragedy.

In the images the Costa Concordia is still brightly lit, showing the ship as she looked before the disaster.

The illumination and its slight list show the extent of the disastrous crash, and how far it has tilted since rocks pierced the hull of the ship and began to let in water.

The Costa Concordia just hours after it struck rocks off the Italian island of Giglio

The events leading up to the collision are still a matter of confusion, while Francesco Schettino, Captain of the Costa Concordia, remains under house arrest at his home in Naples. Read the rest of this entry »

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