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Nepal’s sex symbol is Maoists’ new face

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on November 18, 2010


“I will endure fire but not injustice,” she says stoutly in her Facebook account. “I will endure thirst but not abuse. I am

Rekha Thapa: New avatar

the daughter of Nepal, who will never falter.”

It is not the kind of message one would expect from a silver screen star and sex symbol.

However, it fits Nepalese actor Rekha Thapa like a glove in her current avatar – the new Maoist gal on the block.

The 20-something sensual lass from eastern Nepal, a household name for her skimpy outfits and power to generate controversies, is the new publicity weapon of the former guerrillas, hobnobbing with their top leaders to spruce up the formerly underground party’s public image.

Rekha, who shot in the limelight by doing her own stunts, picking up a fight with Bollywood bad man Shakti Kapoor and ruffling the feathers of a Hindu organisation with her backless blouse, is now on a new publicity arc after having formally joined the Maoist party. Read the rest of this entry »


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