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Can We Consistently Redirect Conflict to Our Favor?

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on June 12, 2012

By Peter Baksa, Investigative Journalist/Entreprenuer/Author of ‘The Point of Power’

Lead with the Tau and negativity has no power. The energy is not repressed but redirected so that it does not harm. — Lau Tzu, Tau 60.

Physics and Eastern theology converge in one important insight: that all creation is comprised of dynamic energy patterns. Everything, including our bodies, our emotional responses and our physical movements, is energy. Through this knowledge we can redirect anger, hostility or any other type of negative energy. If we recognize when we are experiencing anxiety, it allows for an affirmative defense. We can pivot our thinking and thereby alter the reality of the current life situation. If you are aware of your trigger points you are less likely to act them out.

I was introduced to this lovely girl in Chicago; most would consider her a 10 physically and mentally. We had endless conversations on the phone and had so much in common. We were both finally in the same city and were able to have dinner at my favorite Chicago restaurant. Dinner went well, and the chemistry was obvious, and so date two was set up. Same experience. I was excited — someone who loves my writing and enjoys discussing like-minded topics endlessly. This could be the one, I thought. Then a few dates down the road, I noticed her energy would change. She would get defensive, and this turned into aggressive, critical words. She would then break things off.

The first time I was left bewildered. She had responded to something said but the gravity of the conversation was so lighthearted and superficial that it did not match up with her response. I took the lower position, centered myself, and accepted full responsibility, apologizing profusely. Within 24 hours we were back in the saddle again, enjoying amazing conversations, holding hands as we gazed into each other’s eyes. This “break it off pattern” happened three more times in the next few dates. I realized that this young lady was not reacting to me; she was reacting to trigger points that were being touched, resulting in what I would term the “let me end this before you do” response. I believe in academic circles this might be referred to as fight or flight. She chose fight first and flight moments later. Read the rest of this entry »

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When There Is Peace Among Religions

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 26, 2012

By Steve McSwain,  Author, Speaker, Executive Coach…and, the Voice for the Spiritual but Not Religious

 Comment: Religion is religion if it unites people, religion is not religion if it divides people and that is the politics in the name of religion because the basic of every religion is the same:

Slightly over a year ago, I picked up my iPad one morning and began drawing the image you see in this post. I named it the Unity pendant. I designed this to be a kind of “brand” for my speaking and coaching on matters related to spirituality and interfaith acceptance and cooperation — even theinterfaith comedy show a Jewish friend and a professional comedian, Mark Klein, and I have created. I have long felt that the Dalai Lama is right when he said, “When there’s peace among religions, there will be peace in the world.” I had those words inscribed on the outer rims of the pendant.

It’s true — embarrassingly true. Many of the conflicts between nations, peoples and cultures throughout history have been motivated and sustained by religion and religious differences. Virtually all religions start out well but it isn’t long before a kind of collective ego takes over and things get insane. I’ve written extensively about what goes wrong in most religions, Christianity notwithstanding, in the book, “The Enoch Factor: The Sacred Art of Knowing God“: Read the rest of this entry »

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