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Indian-origin Doctor, Filmed Female Patients Using Wristwatch Camera

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on March 18, 2013

FILTHY GP Davinderjit Bains made 361 recordings over three years with footage of him fondling the breasts and groin areas of 30 patients aged between 14 and 51.

  • Dr Davinderjit Bains, 45, has pleaded guilty to 39 sexual offences 
  • Sexually assaulted women at surgery in Royal Wootton Bassett, near Swindon, Wiltshire, for almost two years before he was caught
  • Police found 361 high-quality video clips filmed on ‘spy watch’
  • Fears as many as 100 women had medical examinations they didn’t need
  • ‘He is a sexual predator, as simple as that,’ DI Mark Garrett


A family doctor secretly filmed the intimate examination of hundreds of women patients using a camera hidden in his wristwatch.

GP Davinderjit Bains, 45, recorded hours of footage with the £60 spy device as he carried out ‘unnecessary and inappropriate’ inspections.

The abuse continued for two years until his 19-year-old lodger told police he had filmed her showering and assaulted her.

Sexual predator: Dr Davinderjit Bains used his James Bond-style wristwatch to film himself abusing female patients
Sickening: The Tieex 4GB Waterproof HD Spy Watch DVR which Dr Bains used to film his victims has a built-in camera

Predator: Dr Davinderjit Bains, left, used his ‘spy watch’ right to film himself sexually abusing female patients at his surgery for more than two years before he was caught

When Bains was arrested at his surgery in Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire, officers discovered 361 video clips filmed on the wristwatch – some as long as 45 minutes.

Around 3,000 potential victims were contacted but the exact number is thought to be ‘close to 300’ – aged between 14 and 51.

Bains appeared at Swindon Crown Court where he admitted 39 counts of sexual assault and voyeurism and asked for a further 65 offences to be taken into consideration. Read the rest of this entry »

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$50m in diamonds taken in Brussels airport heist (Photos and Video)

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on February 21, 2013

EIGHT masked gunmen made a hole in a security fence at Brussels’ international airport, drove onto the tarmac and snatched some $50 million worth of diamonds from the hold of a Swiss-bound plane without firing a shot, authorities said.

The gang used two black cars in their daring raid late Monday, grabbed the cache of stones and sped off into the darkness, said Anja Bijnens, spokeswoman for the Brussels prosecutor’s office.

“They tried to pass themselves off as police officers,” Ms Bijnens said. They reportedly wore outfits which resembled dark police clothing and both cars had blue lights on top, she said.

Police found one burnt-out vehicle close to the airport later Monday night and said they were still looking for clues.

The heist was estimated at some $50 million in diamonds, said Caroline De Wolf of the Antwerp World Diamond Centre.

Belgium Diamond Heist

Baggage carts make their way past a Helvetic Airways aircraft from which $50 million worth of diamonds were stolen on the tarmac of Brussels international airport in a daring diamond heist. Read the rest of this entry »

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First step made: Assange official applicant for Australia Senate elections

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on February 14, 2013

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange addresses members of the media and supporters from the window of the Ecuadorian embassy in Knightsbridge, west London.(AFP Photo / Leon Neal)

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange addresses members of the media and supporters from the window of the Ecuadorian embassy in Knightsbridge, west London.(AFP Photo / Leon Neal)

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has submitted his application to the Australian Electoral Commission. This is the first step in his attempt to become an Australian senator in September 2013 elections in Victoria state.

The electoral enrolment application was handed to the Australian Electoral Commission in Melbourne on behalf of Assange by his supporters, including his father, Sydney architect John Shipton.

“They are people who are close associates, academics, specialists in their field and activists as well,” WikiLeaks Australian Citizens Alliance (WACA) spokeswoman Sam Castro was cited by The Australian.

The address nominated in Assange’s application was his mother’s house in Mentone, in the federal electorate of Isaacs, WACA confirmed.

The party, not yet registered with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC), has an initial 10-member national council; all supporters and close associates of Assange and pro-WikiLeaks activists.

The council plans to convene within a week to gather members to officially register the party – it needs to find 500 people to qualify.

As the Australian election legislation reads, Australian citizens living overseas have a right to register to vote and run for office at home in case they left Australia within the past three years prior to the election and plan to return within six years of their departure.

Mr. Shipton, who played a great role in the initial organization of Assange’s party, believes his son will gain a lot of public support.

“I think there’s a lot of support for Julian and even more support for what Julian stands for,” Assange’s father was cited by local AAP news agency. Read the rest of this entry »

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Julian Assange, WikiLeaks Founder, To Run For Australian Senate In 2013 Election

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on February 2, 2013

Assange extradition caseWikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has announced he will run for Senate in the 2013 Australian elections, despite having been holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for the last six months.

The 41-year-old’s mother, Christine Assange, has already pledged her support for son’s political ambitions on Twitter.


Australia: Julian Assange has confirmed he will run in the 2013 national election for the Australian Senate #auspol

“He will be awesome” she told Australian news agency AAP.

“In the House of Representatives we get to choose between US lackey party number one and US lackey party number two – between the major parties.

“So it will be great to ‘Assange’ the Senate for some Aussie oversight.”

Australian-born Assange skipped bail in June and is seeking asylum in the South American embassy in an attempt to evade extradition to Sweden where he faces questioning over allegations of sex crimes.

The whistleblower fears he will be extradited to the United States to face charges over the activities of his WikiLeaks website if he is first sent to Sweden.


Assange has only appeared by videolink or on the balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy Read the rest of this entry »

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Not so noble: EU’s Peace Prize win sparks debate over legitimacy

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on December 11, 2012

The European Union’s presidents have received this year’s Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the 27-member group. However, growing numbers of critics have pointed to the EU’s economic and foreign policy failures, arguing the prize is undeserved.

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy and President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz have accepted the 930,000-euro ($1.2 million) award on behalf of the EU.

In his acceptance speech, Van Rompuy praised postwar leaders in France and Germany who created the EU by uniting their economic interests: “The EU’s secret weapon – an unrivalled way of binding our interests so tightly that war becomes impossible.”

The French and German representatives at the ceremony – President Francois Hollande and Chancellor Angela Merkel, respectively – greeted the award with standing ovations.

But critics argued the award was an inappropriate honor. Six EU leaders, including British Prime Minister David Cameron, did not attend the event. The initial news that the European Union won the 2012 Peace Prize sparked heated debate over whether the award was being discredited, a debate that also raged after US President Barack Obama’s win in 2009. Read the rest of this entry »

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William and Kate win French injunction over topless photos

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on September 18, 2012

kate middleton

Kate is currently on a Diamond Jubilee tour of the Far East

laurence pieau

Laurence Pieau has defended publication of the shots

Publisher of Closer to be fined €10,000 a day if it republishes paparazzi shots of the duchess sunbathing topless
Lisa O’Carroll and Caroline Davies

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have won an injunction against French magazine Closer preventing republication of topless photos. Photograph: Danny Lawson/PA

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have won an injunction in a French court preventing celebrity magazine Closer from publishing further paparazzi shots of the duchess sunbathing topless.

Mondadori France, Closer’s publishing company, will be fined €10,000 per day if it publishes any more photographs following Tuesday’s judgment or transmits them to any third party via email or any other means.

Mondadori, owned by former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, will also have to pay €2,000 towards legal fees as part of the ruling following a civil action.

A court in Nanterre, near Paris, opened a separate criminal investigation on Tuesday into charges that Closer and a photographer breached the privacy of the duke and duchess by publishing the topless photos. Read the rest of this entry »

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Gordon Brown Takes Up UN Education Envoy Role

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on July 14, 2012

Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown has taken up a role with the UN as the body’s special envoy for global education, he said in a statement on Friday evening.

The former prime minister said it was a “great privilege to be appointed UN Special Envoy for Global Education and work with Ban Ki-moon to achieve quality education for all.”

Brown, who remains a Labour MP, is set to help support the education’s first initiative, which “aims to achieve quality, relevant, and inclusive education for every child.”

“He will focus on countries with the highest burden of children out of school, recognizing that nearly half of out of school children are in countries affected by conflict. He will help bring about change, mobilize resources and generate additional and sufficient funding.”

The role comes in the same week another former Labour prime minister, Tony Blair, took up a formal post as an adviser to the party on sports policy. Read the rest of this entry »

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G4S Security Firm Increased Olympic Management Contract By £50m Before Staffing Shambles

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on July 14, 2012

PA/Huffington Post UK Share on Google+

Olympic Stadium G4s

The firm at the centre of the Olympic security row saw its contract to manage civilian staff increase by more than £50m over the past two years, it was reported on Friday.

With just two weeks to go until the opening ceremony, the Government has been forced to draft in an extra 3,500 military personnel to protect London 2012 venues after private company G4S admitted it might not be able to provide enough guards.

Former Army chief General Lord Dannatt issued a plea for spectators at the Games to show their appreciation to the troops, some of whom have recently served in Afghanistan and are facing possible job losses as the forces are cut back.

Lord Dannatt told BBC2’s Newsnight: “When you see those soldiers checking your bag, checking your ticket, remember they would have been on leave and just say thank you to them.”

On Friday, confidential papers obtained by the Daily Telegraph indicated that the fee charged by G4S for “programme management” rose dramatically as the number of staff required grew.


The security firm have fallen short on their obligations for security staff

G4S was initially contracted by Games organiser Locog in 2010 to provide 2,000 security staff for £86 million, but that figure has since risen to 10,400 personnel in a contract now worth £284m. The Daily Mail reported that the people employed will include A-level students. Read the rest of this entry »

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Olympic Security: SEND IN THE TROOPS

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on July 12, 2012

Theresa May has told MPs angry over the Olympics “security shambles” that the government was only made aware of gaps in the number of guards provided by G4S on Wednesday.

The home secretary told the Commons that ministers had been receiving assurances from G4S over the last few days, but the “absolute gap in the numbers was only crystallised finally yesterday”.

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has confirmed that an extra 3,500 troops will be deployed to cover the Games, many of whom are supposed to be on leave after returning from Afghanistan.

Keith Vaz, the Labour chairman of the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, told May: “G4S has let the country down and we have literally had to send in the troops.”

phillip hammond

Philip Hammond is shown the operation of troops during an Olympic security exercise

Yvette Cooper accused Theresa May of “another Home Office shambles.” Read the rest of this entry »

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200 ‘4D’ Cinemas With ‘Smell-O-Vision’ To Hit US, UK Next?

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on July 10, 2012

Huffington Post UK  |  By 


So you’ve just gotten used to 3D cinema. What’s next?

4D, of course.

Up to 200 cinemas in the United States are set to be outfitted with ‘smell-o-vision’, as well as moving seats and other special effects, in an attempt to keep ahead of the developments in home cinemas.

The South Korean company CJ Group hopes that the equipment will boost the cinema industry.

Along with the smells and movement, the cinemas could include ‘back ticklers’ — designed to rub your back in a ‘realistic’ manner, as actors fall into objects. Read the rest of this entry »

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‘Internet Doomsday’ Fizzles As Most Users Remove Crippling Virus In Time

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on July 10, 2012

Huffington Post UK  |  By 

Dns Changer  

It may have been called ‘Internet Doomsday’ – but the decision to switch off a temporary fix to a virus which could have thrown thousands offline appears to have had little impact.

The DNS Changer virus spread almost a year ago, and was written to change a user’s internet settings to make them visit fraudulent websites.

But when the fraud was discovered so many computers were reliant on the hackers’ servers the FBI had to keep them switched on, or thousands would lose Internet access.

Up to four million machines were originally infected in the US, but by Sunday that was thought to be around 300,000.

Italy (26k), Germany (18k) and India (21k) all had thousands of infected machines, and up to 20,000 UK computers were said to be affected. Read the rest of this entry »

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Nasa Release Stunning Image Of Mars (PICTURE)

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on July 9, 2012


Is this the clearest image of Mars yet?

This panoramic photo of the red planet combines 817 images taken by NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity, taken over the months between December 2011 and May 2012.

According to Pancam’s lead scientist Jim Bell of Arizona State University the image provides “geologic context” for the team’s exploration of Mars.


A close up of the panoramic photo

Read the rest of this entry »

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Britain In Afghanistan Aid Pledge Until 2017

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on July 8, 2012

Comment: And only about 10% will be used in the targeted sector – the aid trend shows this reality:

Britain has pledged to maintain aid funding levels to Afghanistan until 2017 and agreed to host a ministerial meeting in London in two years’ time to assess progress in the country.

International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell was speaking from a donors meeting in Japan which promised a total of £10.3 billion of civilian help to aid transition after international troops pull out.

In return, Kabul agreed new anti-corruption measures.

Mr Mitchell said: “Britain has accepted a request from Afghanistan and Japan to host a ministerial meeting in 2014 to review progress against Afghan and international commitments agreed today in Tokyo. Read the rest of this entry »

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Cheryl Cole To Tell All In Memoir

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on July 7, 2012

WENN    WENN  Share on Google+ HP

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole aims to have a christmas number one in the literary charts – she is releasing her tell-all memoir later this year.

The singer’s autobiography will chart her ten-year assault on the pop charts after shooting to fame on Popstars: The Rivals with Girls Aloud, and will also document her romance heartbreak with ex-husband Ashley Cole and her infamous axing from the US X Factor.

The book will be released in October, and Harper’s Non-Fiction publisher Carole Tonkinson says: “Cheryl’s an amazing woman. We’re going to do everything in our power to make this the Christmas No1.”

If it’s a success, perhaps Cheryl’s next literary outing will be penning a love advice book. Her Girls Aloud bandmate Sarah Harding has reportedly sought out Cheryl’s advice about getting back with her former fiance Tom Crane. The blonde beauty split up with the DJ last year, but is said to be giving it another shot after spending some time with him in Ibiza this week.

A source tells The Mirror: “Cheryl has been speaking regularly to Sarah about getting back with Tom. She has always thought Tom was a good influence on Sarah and thinks they are destined to be together.”

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The Shard: A Dazzling Light Show Or Just A Damp Squib?

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on July 7, 2012


The Shard was illuminated to mixed reactions on Thursday night

Londoners were left feeling “Shard” done by after a light show to celebrate the giant building’s grand opening failed to illuminate the skyline.

The laser display, which began at about 10.15pm yesterday, fired beams of light from the skyscraper to landmarks across the London skyline.

But expectations that the show would be a wonderful spectacle visible all across the city were somewhat dashed, and many felt the grand opening ceremony was little more than a damp squib.

Debbie Lemon, 30, who tried to watch the show in Honor Oak Park, south-east London, said: “That was bitterly disappointing.

“We were expecting a light show and saw fairy lights twinkling in the distance – nothing out of the ordinary.”


The skyscraper, situated just yards from the banks of the Thames in Southwark, is 1,016ft tall Read the rest of this entry »

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