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‘We want to strengthen the relationship with India’

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 29, 2011

As head of Nepal’s most powerful party, the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), Pushpa Kamal

PUSHPA KAMAL DAHAL PRACHANDA: ‘We are not anti-Indian. Relations between India and Nepal are unique on the basis of history, culture, geography, and economy. No one can think of weakening this.' — PHOTO: REUTERS

Dahal Prachanda’s position holds the key to the political developments in the republic. On April 26 (Tuesday night), Mr. Prachanda spoke exclusively to Prashant Jha to discuss the state of transitional politics in Nepal, internal party divisions, and relations with India. Excerpts:

 Will Nepal have a new constitution by May 28?

We should have been able to conclude the peace process and promulgate the statute by May 28. But the absence of an agreement between political parties has limited that possibility. I won’t say it is impossible, because we have often made historic decisions at the last minute. As the largest party in the CA, and as the force that pushed the agenda of the Constituent Assembly, republic, federalism, secularism, social justice, inclusion, proportional representation, we are committed to taking the peace process forward and creating a unified draft of the constitution before May 28 so that the Nepali people believe these tasks will be completed. They themselves would happily give us time after that.

Why did the parties fail to come to an agreement?

The first reason is that we were in a movement against the last government, since they were trying to isolate the biggest party in the CA. Our claim was that Maoists should lead the government, but others did not accept our legitimate claim. Then we went in for elections in parliament, but could not elect a PM for seven months. The disagreement between parties was one reason for this, but we also felt that various other forces tried to create obstacles in government formation. We then sacrificed our claim, but it was too late to take the process forward.

In the earlier stages, it was agreed that parties would move ahead together, in consensus. But after the Maoists emerged as the strongest party in the CA, other parties developed suspicions that Maoists would be in power forever — they had not anticipated the widespread popular support for the Maoists, and got terrorised at this prospect. They broke the agreement to move ahead consensually, creating difficulties.

Internal party dynamics

Can you tell us the exact nature of the debates within the party?

There are three kinds of thought in the party. One school believes that instead of emphasising peace and constitution, we should go in for a people’s revolt to get power. The second school believes that we should focus on peace and constitution at whatever cost. And the third school, which I lead, is that we should focus on peace and constitution, but if there are conspiracies, then there may be a need to get people on the streets to revolt. At the end, the party adopted a line that we should focus on peace and constitution, but also make people aware to make these conspiracies unsuccessful. Read the rest of this entry »


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Krishna holds ‘useful’ meetings in Nepal

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on April 23, 2011

Mr. Krishna strongly conveyed concerns that the Maoist party was stoking “anti-Indian” sentiment, disrespecting and attacking the Indian ambassador, and harassing Indian investors.

Mr. Dahal is learnt to have replied that the party was not anti-Indian and instead wished to improve relations between Nepal and India “on a new basis.” He also cautioned the Minister about a rising “interference” by India in Nepal’s internal affairs.

External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna wrapped up his three-day visit to Nepal on Friday. During his “useful and cordial” meetings with Nepal’s top political leadership, the Minister conveyed a range of concerns, emphasised the importance of completing the peace process, and expressed India’s commitment to assist Nepal in its “transition to a stable, inclusive, multi-party democracy”.

In his final political meeting with Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) chairman Puspa Kamal Dahal alias Prachanda on Friday morning, Mr. Krishna strongly conveyed concerns that the Maoist party was stoking “anti-Indian” sentiment, disrespecting and attacking the Indian ambassador, and harassing Indian investors. Read the rest of this entry »

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