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Why Qatari Owners of Paris’ Soccer Team Hanker For Aging Englishman Beckham

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on December 22, 2011


Los Angeles Galaxy's David Beckham fights for the ball against Emelio "Chieffy" Caligdong of the Philippines national football team Azkals during their friendly match at the Rizal Memorial football stadium in Manila December 3, 2011.

Why does perennially under-performing Paris Saint-Germain of France’s anemic professional soccer league see hiring a fading star at over $1 million per month as vital to assuring its future? Because the aging player in question is David Beckham, whose marketing and financial allure is considered as important as his footballing skill by PSG’s Qatari owners. And even if Beckham’s representatives are denying reports that the Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder has come to an unofficial agreement with PSG, there are reasons to suspect the resurgent rumors may yet come to fruition. After all, the Paris club is only one part of a mix with which Qatari VIPs are looking to boost the Emirate’s prestige through the world’s most popular sport. And despite his advancing age and slowing gait, Beckham remains not only one of the biggest global draws in the game—but just the kind of meta-star capable of mesmerizing celebrity-crazed, sports-fickle inhabitants of Paris.

French media was again abuzz Wednesday with reports that the 36-year-old Beckham has agreed to sign an 18-month contract with PSG once his Galaxy deal expires Dec. 31. According to dailies le Parisien and l’Equipe, Beckham has accepted a league-topping $1.05 million monthly salary whose total value could be nearly doubled by $22.3 million in performance bonuses—most of those based on Beckham’s merchandizing potential, rather than footballing potency. Indeed, in addition to Beckham’s iconic and hunk status that’s expected to broaden PSG’s appeal to a far wider base of Parisians (a population infamous as fair weather fans who demand big matches, lots of glitz, and the likelihood of victory to even start caring much about sports), the association with the former England hero might well allow Paris Saint-German to finally establish a true brand identity abroad. And that, it’s hoped, could mean millions in new income from PSG jerseys selling alongside the likes of Liverpool, Bayern Munich, and Barcelona merchandize in foreign markets–particularly in Beckham-mad Asia. Read the rest of this entry »

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सागरको गोल विश्वमै चर्चित

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on December 8, 2011

राजु घिसिङ

काठमाडौ, मंसिर २२ – नेपाली राष्ट्रिय फुटबल टिमका कप्तान सागर थापाले साफ च्याम्पियनसिपमा बंगलादेशविरुद्ध यस्तो स्वादिलो गोल गरे जसले उनी ‘वल्र्ड प्लेयर अफ दि विक’ को शीर्ष पाँचमा परेका छन् । त्यसबाट उनले यति वाहवाही पाएका छन् जत्तिको हालसम्म कुनै नेपाली खेलाडीले पाएका छैनन् ।

‘त्यही गोलले नेपालले जितेकामा एकदमै खुसी लागेको छ,’ २७ वर्षीय सागरले भने, ‘यति राम्रो गोल गर्ने र यस्तो चर्चा पाउने कहिल्यै सोचेको थिइनँ ।’ हुन पनि उनको गोल गराइको संसारभरि चर्चा छ । फुटबलसम्बन्धी चर्चित पोर्टल ‘गोलडटकम’ ले उनलाई पाँचौंमा उभ्याएपछि त झन् सनसनी नै भएको छ ।

न्युयोर्क, लन्डन र सिंगापुरमा कार्यालय भएको गोलडटकम फुटबलको सबैभन्दा बढी हेरिने साइट हो । यसले १५ भाषामा २२ देशबाट फुटबलसम्बन्धी समाचार, लेख र भिडियो अपडेट गर्छ । यसका दुई करोड ३० लाखभन्दा बढी नियमित ‘भ्युअर्स’ छन् । सागरसँगै उरुग्वेका अल्भारो रेकोबा, ब्राजिलका एनिन्हो, चिलीका माउरिसियो इस्ला र फ्रान्सका फ्रान्क रिबेरी शीर्ष ५ मा छानिएका छन् ।

सागरले करिब ३५ यार्डबाट फ्रि-किकमा सेकेन्ड बार च्याप्दै प्रहार गरेको बल सुन्दर गोलमा परिणत भयो र नेपालले १८ वर्षपछि बंगलादेशलाई हरायो । उनका लागि यो पनि शौभाग्य हो कि यही सुन्दर गोल उनको अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय खेल जीवनकै पहिलो हो ।

नयाँदिल्लीमा सागरले गरेको गोललाई धेरैले सन् २००२ को वल्र्डकपको क्वाटरफाइनलमा इङल्यान्डविरुद्ध ब्राजिलका रोनाल्डिन्होले गरेको गोलसँग दाँज्ने गर्छन् । ‘अन्तिम क्षण र अन्तिम अवसरमा एकदमै दबाब हुन्छ,’ नेपालका पूर्वकप्तान राजु शाक्यले भने, ‘त्यस्तो स्थितिमा सागरले गरेको गोल अत्यन्त दुर्लभ र नेपाली फुटबल इतिहासकै सर्वोत्कृष्ट हो । हजारपल्ट हाने पनि त्यस्तो गोल गर्न गाह्रै पर्छ ।’

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World Cup Bid: 2018, 2022 Announcements Down To The Wire

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on December 2, 2010

Let’s see who will break the sampan
Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

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FIFA: Fifa Decision On World Cup Corruption Claims

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on November 18, 2010

Richard Williams, Sky News Online

Fifa has cleared an executive member accused of asking for money in exchange for World Cup votes – but suspended

The claims follow a Sunday Times investigation

him for a year.

Tahiti’s Reynald Temarii’s lawyer revealed the news.

He and Nigeria’s Amos Adamu had already been suspended after an undercover Sunday Times investigation.

It follows a three-day hearing of the world football governing body‘s ethics committee.

The committee will also confirm the outcome of its investigation into claims 2018 World Cup joint-bidders Spain/Portugal and 2022 bidders Qatar colluded to trade votes.

In terms of the corruption probe, Mr Adamu’s position appears to be in greater danger because it is claimed he asked for money for projects to be paid via a family company. Read the rest of this entry »

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Octopus is Awarded His own Statue

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on July 23, 2010

For more detail click here

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Oracle Paul to work in Russia

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on July 20, 2010


One of the biggest stars of the recent FIFA World Cup – Oracle Paul – may move to Russia in the nearest future.

“Just yesterday, we talked to the representatives of the Sea Life Aquarium in the German city of Oberhausen and made them a solid offer of €100,000 for Paul. And I am almost sure that we will get him. He did all he could for Germany, and now it will be very interesting to see how he will cope with the Russian Premier League. I would like to put him in [the luxury village of] Rublevka in one of our gaming clubs… But if the Moscow’s Sea Life Aquarium would want to shelter him – we will be happy to give them the most popular animal on the planet. Just imagine how it will increase the number of its visitors?” Oleg Zhuravsky, president of Russia’s Bookmakers Association, told Read the rest of this entry »

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This is the Song Sakira Going to Sing

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on July 10, 2010

This is the song Sakira is going to sing tomorrow on the occasion of closing ceremony of World Cup.

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