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In Buddhism You Are What (And How) You Eat

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on February 26, 2011

Without input, output is impossible­. Quality of output depends upon the quality of input. Output of a chemical reaction of one atom of oxygen and two atoms of hydrogen gives water while one atom of Carbon and two atoms of oxygen give Carbon dioxide. Only correlated input gives definite output from computer. Every element in the universe reacts with definite other element in its own way giving definite result and even our modern science has very limited informatio­n regarding this. Anyway input reacts with existing element or elements within a system giving definite short-term and long-term results.

Normal life is not possible without eating, speaking and thinking and everybody is spending life in their own way with their individual eating, speaking and thinking manner. So who will not get annoyed when somebody says that most of the people do not know how to eat, how to speak and even how to think? However from both scientific and spiritual point of views this is the reality.
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