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Buddha’s Teachings: Key To World Peace

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on May 28, 2016

Engr. Ram Kumar Shrestha

Even after entering into the 21st century – a century of miracles of scientific achievements – still we have a question, “Are human beings happier than before?” MNEPAL_-_COREA_(F)_0422_-_Fiaccola_del_Bhuddaaterialism as well as knowledge in the form of science and technology has contributed greatly to human welfare, however; it is considered to be responsible for deterioration in World Peace as well. Every single day our world spends more than $4 billion on war. However everyday, 20,000 children die of hunger, poverty and a lack of treatment and medicines and millions of people are suffering a lack of their basic needs. Nuclear power was developed in the name of establishing peace and now this is threatening the whole human race. Current existing amounts of nuclear power are enough to destroy dozens of equivalent earths. To dispose of this nuclear waste billions of dollars are needed. If only a certain percentage of these funds were used for the benefit of the people worldwide, struggling to have their basic needs a lot could be done. What will happen if the nuclear power will get into terrorists’ hand? This is today’s one of the biggest concerns for world leaders. So where are we now? Irrespective of interest everybody has to read, see, watch and listen to unwanted news full of violence, crime, rape, hunger, accident, war, epidemic, disaster etc in everyday life. These days, therefore, Buddhism is becoming popular all over the world.

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