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Nepali children of Ashford, UK welcomed the New Year 2010 with Creativity

Posted by Ram Kumar Shrestha on January 7, 2010

आशफोर्ड, वेलायतमा 

नेपाली बालबच्चाहरुले सृजनाद्वारा नववर्ष २०१०लाई स्वागत गरे

Nepali children of Ashford, London  welcomed the New Year 2010 with Creativity

आशफोर्ड वेलायतमा  डिसेम्बर ३१, २००९ का दिन दशजना नेपाली बालबच्चाहरुले कथालेखनसम्बन्धी कार्याशाला गोष्ठीमा भाग लिएर नववर्ष २०१०-शुभागमनको उत्सव मनाए । सबै बालबालिकाहरुले एकएकवटा कथा लेखी वाचनसमेत गरेका थिए । श्री रामकुमार श्रेष्ठद्वारा संयोजित यस कार्यशाला गोष्ठीमा डा. कविताराम श्रेष्ठले कथालेखन विधिबारे प्रशिक्षण दिनुभएको थियो र वालवालिकाहरुका संरक्षकहरु लक्ष्मी गुरुंग, गम गुरुंग, करे राई, प्रभादेवी श्रेष्ठ र निशा न्यौपाने श्रेष्ठ समेतले पर्यवेक्षण गरेका थिए । भाग लिने बालबालिकाहरु पूजा श्रेष्ठ, सुशान्त श्रेष्ठ, संघर्ष श्रेष्ठ, निक्की गुरुंग, अर्पणा खािलंग, पारु साम्पा, निमा सेर्पा, तेन्जिग सेर्पा, पुरक श्रेष्ठ र मिलिन्द राई थिए ।

Ashford, London December 31, 2009. Ten Nepalese children of Ashford London celebrated welcoming the upcoming new year 2010 today in Ashford with the creativity of writing literary fictions. All of the participating children wrote and recited their creations in the workshop. This program, observed by the guardians Laxmi Gurung, Gam Gurung, Kare Rai, Prabhadevi Shrestha and Nisha Neupane Shrestha was coordinated by Mr. RamKumar Shrestha and facilitated by Dr. Kavitaram Shrestha with the provision of the story writing technique to the participants. The participant children were Puja Shrestha, Sushant Shrestha, Sangharsha Shrestha, Nikki Gurung, Arpana Khaling, Paru Shampa, Ningma Sherpa, Tenzing Shrepa, Purak Shrestha and Milind Rai.

All of them wrote the fictions in English. They are presented as follows:


The Sweet Machine

Puja Shrestha , Age : 10, School: Willesborough Junior School

A little while ago I was trying to build a sweet machine but it got out of control so I asked my friends to come over and help. They came around as quick as they could. When they came and knocked on the door, I couldn’t open the door because it was covered in sweet. “Come through the window and ask my dad for a ladder” I shouted.

When they came in, they were so surprised. There were sweets all over the place “Wow” said Abi, Tash, Natalie and Sam. “I wish I had sweets all over my bedroom” they all whispered in amazement.

The sweet machine stopped after Abi hit it with a hammer. “Thanks! How did you do that?” questioned Puja. “Well the wire was on the wrong place” chuckled Abi.

And we all had sweets!



Purak Shrestha, School: Norton Knatchabull Grammer School

A child was born but was rejected by his mother and unwanted by the father. He was taken in and raised by a hobo in a cardboard box. He grew up to go to the one and only Cambridge University. Soon his hobo parent died, but with a great big proud smile & sheer happiness. This drived him further on in his determined road to success and the result was nothing but greatness. His hobo parent cried a flood of proud tears in the heaven. Nothing but the sun shine until the end but there’s no end for him as his name was remembered … forever!


Love of the old lady

Ngima Sherpa, Grade 8, Highworth Grammar School/ Ashford Kent

Once there lived and old women. She wasn’t just an ordinary old women but a rather strange one. Her husband had died in a car accident just 2 years after their marriage. After the incident took place there was not one smile from her, and may be this was the reason for being a strange old lady. Whenever she went out she never spoke to anyone and she never had any friends. She had a grand-daughter who was about 15 years old but they were never in contact. One day while the old women went out shopping to buy some food, she was standing in the traffic light, to wait for the green signal to show up. When it did, she crossed the road, but suddenly a black BMW car whizzed right in front of her. When she was about to get hit, a man who was about her age came and pushed her out of her way. For a moment she thought she was going to die, but the next moment when she opened her eyes she was lying there, in the hand of a handsome man. At first sight they both fell in love and they couldn’t do anything but stare at each other. The man gave her his number and left. In the next few days they made contact and went out in restaurants and other places where they would be alone. Sooner or later after months of seeing each other the man asked the old lady to marry him. Sooner or later they got married on the beach where the lady had always dreamed of getting married in. And as so they lived happily ever after. Well, not happily ever they did argue sometimes but just about little things but then that was it.


The four monkeys

Tenzing Sherpa

Once there were four monkeys who were searching for food in a forest. All of a sudden two of them fell into a deep ground. They were Tom who was always lazy and Sam who was brave and smart. The other two were Billy and Ben. They were cowards and selfish. They saw how deep the ground was. They said, “There was nothing else we can do about it so they will die.”

Tom tried jumping out for some time and couldn’t carry on. So he gave up and died. The other two monkeys kept telling Sam that it will only cause more pain and so just die peacefully. Sam ignored and kept on trying. He jumped higher and higher. He eventually got out of the deep ground

This taught the other two monkeys that you should never give up but try harder.


My Grandmother

Sampang Paru, Grade 8, Swodeland School

Who is the most important persons in your life? Your mum, dad or friend? Well, I love my mum, dad and my friend, but I have to say my grandmother is the most important persons in my life.

It’s not just because she is family. I love her because she takes care of me and takes me to great adventures. She lives in the village near the sea. She took me to bike rides, played in the waves with me, we even have tea parties.

But one day she suddenly died of cancer. It was the worst day of my life. I will never have another person in my life like her.


The Talking Tree

Arpana Rai, Grade 5, Age 10

One day in the sunny morning a woodland mouse was strolling in a forest when he heard a voice coming from the tree. “Heh! You, there, what are you doing or …… going?” asked the voice.

“Yem… I am going to the river to meet my family. Ummmm, mind me asking but who are you?” replied the mouse. Suddenly the big tree right in front of the mouse moved and opened his eyes. “Ahhhhhhh!” squeked the mouse. He nearly jumped out his skin. “Sorry, I haven’t talked to my one in one thousand years” – that tree said. But in a flash mouse had disappeared and not to be seen anywhere. “Oh well at least I talked to someone,” sighed the tree.


Christmas tree with no decoration………………………

Sangharsh Shrestha, Grade 7, Norton Knatchbull Grammer School

A van stopped in a creaky sound. Few Christmas trees were brought to a shop. There was one very happy Christmas tree who wanted to be decorated by lights, gifts around him and a star at the top. All the trees were placed in a corner. The happy tree was at the back among them.

Five days were left for Christmas. One tree were sold every day. Only one was left, the same tree, the happy tree. He was happier than that of the first day he was brought. The next day was the Christmas day and he was hoping that somebody would buy him and decorate.

The shop was going to close in an hour. The tree was sad because nobody came to buy him. He was looking to the entrance door every second. Then suddenly a customer came in. The customer went straight to the counter and said, ‘Can I have that C..r… ?’ Then the shop was closed.

The tree was alone crying in the dark night. Next day the tree was shocked because shop was opening from outside on the Christmas day. It was the owner of the shop. He came and took the tree to his house and decorated him. And the tree was very happy.


Milanda Rai


The lucky clover

Nikki Gurung (10 years old) Furley Park Primary School, Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom, Year 5

“Wake up in the morning feeling like peace ci’’- My radio alarm clock [RAC] went on, just before my brother came to me and said, “Nikki I wanna sleep with you, my bed is cold!” “No bye!”

RRR! I cannot sleep, mum is going ballistics and my brother is crying, ooh and my RAC was still on!

Could things get any worse? Unfortunately yes! We had to go for a morning (long) walk! Whilst we were walking, I found a batch of clovers, sat down, looked around, and there I saw it, a genuine four leafed clover! “Look it’s a four leafed clover!” I handed it over to my mum; dad looked at the clover too. “Wow it really is a four leafed one, can I keep it Nikki? I might win the lottery.”

Hopeless, because the clover has on it which looks like a seven, mum got all of her numbers to be 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42 and 49, see the sequence? Just add seven, as I said hopeless! “Now the winning lottery numbers this week are,” We were all sitting down at the sofa, I could hear dad saying “I don’t think we’ll win.” when, “First number is, 7, second number is, 14, third number is, 21, fourth number is, 28,” “I can’t believe it, it’s the same numbers only three to go!” My mum screamed. 35 and 42 had just gone. “And the final dream number is,” we all sat eager to watch, “49!” “YES WE WON! WAHOO!”

Now we are in a holiday villa in Barbados! Guess that clover was lucky!

3 Responses to “Nepali children of Ashford, UK welcomed the New Year 2010 with Creativity”

  1. Mrs Suda Rai said

    Dai, thax alot for organising such a creative event in our town. I am sure my daughter and other children learnt something from this workshop. Arpana cudn’t stop telling us what she did on that day and special thanx goes to Prabha dd for inviting us.

  2. Puja Shrestha said

    wow what wonderful stories!

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